December 23, 2005

The Evils of My Space

I gonna give it to you straight: My Space needs to die. My Space is evil. That's all there is to it. Technically, My Space is owned by Fox. Fox is also evil. People need to start boycotting My Space and Fox. Come on people, will it kill you to watch Family Guy at ten on Adult Swim instead of nine on Fox? Seriously, My Space should die. Everyone thinks their so cool with their My Space. Problem is, everybody has one. Therefore, the only truly cool people are the one's without a My Space.

Let me say that I fully support Google and its plans for world conquest. In fact, support Google right now by getting a free blog: Oh, and drop by my My Space if you wish: (yes, I have one), and let everyone know how EVIL it is!!

Agree? Disagree? Drop some comments in the comments box and let me know. Actually, you know what? If you disagree just leave right now.

December 19, 2005

A Nintendo Christmas Carol

The classic story of A Christmas Carol retold with your favorite Nintendo characters in cheesy sprite form! A new page is added every day until Christmas. Tis the season! Check it out here: It's quite good!

December 18, 2005

Kong: A Review

I feel I can properly review King Kong now that I've just seen the original from 1933 and the remake from'76.

The first thing I noticed about this movie was that Kong was not a cheesy clay animated monkey, or a cheesy animatronic monkey, but a really awesome and realistic computer generated monkey. He's really so much more realistic. He looks like a giant gorilla, he moves like a giant gorilla, he might have even smelled like a giant gorilla... but the movie wasn't in smell-o-vision. From beginning to end this movie had me hooked, captivated, even touched. Who doesn't love a love story between a beautiful woman and a giant monkey? Like I was saying, through the entire movie (all three+ hours) I was dazzled. The special effects were amazing, everything seemed lifelike from Kong himself to the giant bugs to the dinosaurs. And the action! Don't even get me started on the action! Sure they may have cut out the scene from the original where Kong fought a giant snake, but in this version he took on three once! Man, was that an awesome fight scene! Then there was the part when Kong destroyed New York- awesome. Fighting dinos and giant insects on Skull Island? Awesome. When he was batting the planes on top of the Empire State building? Incredible. Heck, even the non-action parts were awesome. And the makeup! Wow. Those island natives sure were creepy.

Overall, I think Peter Jackson did an excellent job with the movie. He portrayed the original story in an amazing way. I think this was the best version yet and should be regarded as a classic. Sure it was long, but I enjoyed every second. I still think the ending was kind of meh, but that's exactly the way the original ended. I've got to give credit for including that famous last line "Was beauty killed the beast." One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I'd score it, but I just can't. It's too hard to pick an exact number of stars for this movie. Instead, I'll say this: GO SEE THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW!!! Unless your reading this at three in the morning, in which case: GO SEE THIS MOVIE AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!!

Oh, and did I mention Peter Jackson's directing the Halo movie? Best. Move. Ever.

December 17, 2005

City of Villains!

I just got off playing City of Villains and it is awesome! I just love the way you can make your very own villain and train him or her. Along the way you unlock new powers to stop the heroes of Paragon City. You can team up with other villain to help. I would rate this game a 9.8 out of 10. This a must buy game!

*Not sure who wrote this one. Prince Omega perhaps? -Fuzunga*

Dead Men Tell No Tales...

Yar! There be a new trailer for Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest! This be the greatest movie ever! Ye best be checkin' out the trailer, or I'll make ye walk the plank!

It be in High-Res or Low-Res. Take yer pick.

December 16, 2005

Burnout 360!

Although it's just an updated version of Burnout Revenge, it still looks amazing! Expect new cars, new crash junctions, and of course updated graphics. Burnout Revenge for the Xbox 360 will be available March 2006.

More screens here:

December 2, 2005

And you thought the Xbox 360 was expensive already...

Sorry for the total lack of update for the last month. I coughed an extreme case of laziness.
Anyway, for those of you who weren't lucky enough to get you Xbox 360, you've probably checked eBay. You've probably seen them a few hundred dollars over priced... but this is madness! If you've want an Xbox 360 reeeeally bad, and have a few million dollars lying around, then you might want to try your luck with this $10,999,999 Xbox. Of course, I don't suggest you bid, just get a laugh out of it.

November 12, 2005

Quotes of the funny

Here are a couple great quotes by famous people:

"I spilled spot remover on my dog- now he's gone." -Steven Wright

"Fatherhood is pretending that the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope." -Bill Cosby

"I have a great diet. You're allowed to eat anything you want, but you must eat it with naked fat people." -Ed Bluestone

"Doctors are crooks. Why do you think they wear gloves? Not for sanitary reasons- fingerprints." -Jakie Mason

"What is a date really, but a job interview that lasts all night? The only difference is that in not many job interviews is there a chance you'll wind up naked." -Jerry Seinfeld

"You know the sign that says 'No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service'? Does that mean as long as I have on a shirt and shoes, I can take off my pants and still get a bacon cheeseburger?" -Lewis Grizzard

Hope you enjoyed 'em! More to come!

Been a while, bud.

Haven't been here in a while. What with the hurricane and the no power and the not being in town and whatnot. Any way, I'm going to update now but I'm not sure what to expect and neither should you.

This is the story Oscar the Angry Badger

(Keep in mind, I'm making this up as I go along- as I always do.)

Once there was a badger named Oscar. He was a wild party animal. He loved to turn up the music and party till his pants fell off. One day after an especially wild party he woke up at three in the afternoon and felt unusually strange. His eyebrows were slanted in an angry position and he couldn't move them. His face turned into a scowl and he couldn't control it. Suddenly he fell on his knees in pain. His head felt like it was going to implode. He had caught "The Angry".

To this day Oscar the Angry Badger sits on his lawn and annoys little children. Sometimes he throws potted plants or wool sweaters at them. One day he hit a really ugly child with a beard. It turned out to be Hilbert O' Wamwak, the leprechaun. He placed a curse on Oscar that turned his pudding crusty.

And that's how flan was created.

Wow, that was strange! Not sure what went on there. Anyway, have a happy 9:47 on a Friday!

November 1, 2005

More Animal Crossing!

I love Animal Crossing! I just can't wait for the new game, so I scrounge up as much info as I can! So, without further rambling here is the new info:!

October 31, 2005

WOW expansion

Go to this link to see all the new features about the WOW expansion a.k.a. the "Burning Crusade"

This expansion will include new dungeons, a new type of trade skill, new areas( including outland), a new level cap (level 70), aerial mounts, and finally two new races. For the horde the Blood Elves, once loyal to the Alliance they have given up their old ways and joined the Horde. The Alliance race is TBA but currently is though to be Panderns a mighty warrior panda race. Hopefully the expansion will be released next year sometime and for more infor vist this site

October 30, 2005

Hey guys I just wanted to show you my new blog

I think that it is important that members of gameweb have their own page for open criticism, fans, or questions from anyone who happens to stumble upon game web. Also remember to visit my blog for the "Game of the Month". If you want more details on this event that I am doing just take a look at my blog.

P.S. I need a catch-phrase for my name "Doegab" if you have a good one please send it to the e-mail address on the site

October 22, 2005

Mario Kart DS track listing!

All the tracks for Mario Kart DS have been reviled!

First, we have Retro Mode full of classic tracks:

Shell Cup
Mario Circuit 1 (SNES)
Moo Moo Farm (N64)
Peach Circuit (GBA)
Luigi Circuit (GCN)

Banana Cup
Donut Plains 1 (SNES)
Frappe Snowland (N64)
Bowser Castle 2 (GBA)
Baby Park (GCN)

Leaf Cup
Koopa Beach 2 (SNES)
Choco Mountain (N64)
Luigi Circuit (GBA)
Mushroom Bridge (GCN)

Lightning Cup
Choco Island 2 (SNES)
Banshee Boardwalk (N64)
Sky Garden (GBA)

Then there's Nitro Mode full of new tracks:

Mushroom Cup
Figure-8 Circuit
Yoshi Falls
Cheep Cheep Beach
Luigi's Mansion

Flower Cup
Desert Hills
Delfino Square
Waluigi Pinball
Shroom Ridge

Star Cup
DK Pass
Tick-Tock Clock
Mario Circuit
Airship Fortress

Special Cup
Wario Stadium
Peach Gardens
Bowser Castle
Rainbow Road

November 14th can't come soon enough!

Animal Crossing playtest!

No, not me! Still, it's very informative and gives tons of juicy details on all the new stuff in the game. Read it here:

October 18, 2005

That's right! More Nintendo WiFi info!

Nintendo announced today a partnership with the company Wayport to offer free WiFi connections in McDonalds restaurants. This is great news! Or, it would be if I liked McDonalds.

In other news, Nintendo has also announced a Mario Kart DS bundle to be released November 28. The bundle will include a copy of the game, plus a new "Hot Rod Red" colored DS.

October 15, 2005

A rare treat!

To go along with Feel Good Inc., I've gone on a search for more Gorillaz and I found their very first video! Enjoy Clint Eastwood!

Seriously, you have no idea how hard that was to find! I'm working on 19/2000. Oh, and you'll need Real Player to watch that.

October 14, 2005

Music Vid of the Week

One of my all-time favorites!

The codes are giving me problems, so instead of a pop-up window, here's a link directly to the vid:

October 11, 2005

Doegab is Back and with a Review on Rome Total War

Rome Total War is like no other staggered game you will ever see to this date. I got to try the Roman level picking the House of Julius as my side. The house of Julius profile gets the best starting point at the top of Italy. Immediately as soon as the game started I rallied my forces and went to crush the Gaul rebels as a mission from the Senate (as a bonus I got to keep all the territory I conquered). I quickly crushed the opposition using supreme tactics employed by no other strategies game, and conquered all of Europe defeating the Gauls and fighting of the German rebels. However in by doing so I became a concern of the Senate. They thought I had too much power, refusing to give me any place in the Senate offices until the middle of the game where they gave me meager jobs. I was in fury, I had conquered all the lands they told me too and had the most territory reaching from the southern edge of Spain to northen parts of Asia and finally some parts of Egypt. But I knew they were scared, it was only a matter of time before the Senate crumbles. Once that is done I can overtake them! A mad but devious plan. Although I had to gain popularity first. I then bough some lands from the rebels in Asia and even bought some lands from the house of Brutis in Greece. The senate was infuriated! They scorned at me ordering to return the lands, then there were riots. But in a few years (or should I say turns) all was well. Only the north most part of Spain was unconquerable. Egypt was finished and the Germans were hunted down like the scum they are. I would have played longer but my friend had to leave with his game. But I will continue my exploits of my power tomorrow I will conquer BUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

October 10, 2005

Wild World scans and WiFi info!

These new scans of Animal Crossing: Wild World reveal a lot about the game, despite being in Japanese. It reveals some new neighbors, new locations, and tons of new screens!

Remember, Nintendo launches it's free WiFi service on November 14 alongside the releases of Mario Kart DS and Tony Hawk's American Sk8land. Animal Crossing will be available December 5.

Oh, and don't worry if you don't have a WiFi connection, Nintendo will be selling WiFi connectors that you can plug into your computer's USB port.

October 6, 2005

Cheese Squish!

Woot! Trying out the new Blogger for Word thingy! I guess we’ll see if it works, but until then: go eat some cheese squish! 

October 1, 2005


I've compiled a list of the best nicknames from Enjoy!

Arthurion The Dragonchild, Spiffo the PearMan, The One Known As To Be Reckoned With, The Regal Worthington E. MacHaggardstien, blasto rust the supremo metal-avenger, gebunge flunge, Crestegretch, Secondary Assasination System, Sándor Gedeon, Hootie The Tangerine, Zootie The Lawnmower, Springy The Spoon, swashbuckling bertie the landlord, emperor seth the tyrranical master of cruelty and oppression, and Capt. Strange the Shiny.

And some band names:
Claustrophobic Stepchildren, and Beat em Up Kitten.


"Goodnight Goodnight" By Hot Hot Heat

It's all part of the new weekly feature: Music Video of the Week! Enjoy!

French snails

French snails are flying into the abyss of the Monochrome Lamas. If they succeed you will be terminated. Do you accept the mission of doom? Excellent! We must suit up! Quick, into the flying sanitation truck! Blast off for adventure!

Look! Crazy midget basketball!

That's just to catch your attention. Worked didn't it? My real message is one of heartfelt importance. Nah, I'm just kidding. I really have nothing to talk about. Well, that's the post of the random day!

September 23, 2005

The dangers of grass blades

1. Grass blades will cause malfunction in the confibulibular gland.

2. They eat the crumbs off your shirt.

3. Pie!

4. Qfualimferus Monfunstationistic Penguins!

4 1/2. More Pie!

5. Candy is eaten every 2.5 seconds by the king of the earthworms.

6. Sleepy Gus.

7. They will haunt you in your sleep.

8. Glass staing!

9. Don't wet the dog's newspaper!

10. Grass blades stain your cloths.

Funny animals!

My favorite! The Diabolical puppy!

The Genius Monkey!

Finally! Cats and dogs getting along!

I'm not sure what this is, but it's really messed up!

The Pope Squirrel!

World's fuzziest bunny!

More soon!

September 22, 2005

The theory of Spatulating Pendulums

This is a bit complicated, so try and keep up.

Sometimes when the pork is undercooked, it causes massive heart failure on the part of the chicken's bladder. However, this does not apply to Canadian Bacon. Once the pork fat is extracted, then frozen, then re-extracted, it can be fully functional as a paperweight.

What does this have to do with the theory of Spatulating Pendulums? Well, you need a spatula to flip the pork as it is being de fatted. This spatula is in a suspended state of motion and can only be revived by true love's kiss. The problem is the molecules de-moleculerize and melt into a state of unconsciousness. If, however, the spatula were to be thrown to the ground and stepped on, it would become composed and ready for work.

If you have a grandfather clock, it probably has a pendulum. When the pendulum becomes tired of everyday life, it will, one day, walk off into the Void of Eternity. While there, he will learn the meaning of life and how to achieve peace and solve world hunger. The problem is that he can never share is knowledge because once you enter the Void of Eternity, you're stuck for, well, eternity.

What do you do when your pendulum is missing? You replace it with a spatula. The spatula then ticks the time away and becomes the Space Time Master. The pendulum is angry at this and pulls the spatula into the Void of Eternity, where they are pulled together by a force called "The Unipelecular Force".

And so, the Pendulum is stuck in the Void of Eternity forever. Not only that, but now he must spatulate for all eternity. The theory states that in 236789, the Spatulating Pendulums will be released into the world as the eldest and wisest and will rule over the humans. They will solve world peace, hunger, teach us the meaning of life, and how to flip the pork just right.

Katamari PSP

Remember the DS version of Katamari Damacy? Well, it's now for the PSP. That's great for PSP owners (Sorry DS fans, maybe next time.)! Not much has been reviled, but expect all the same wackiness as in the PS2 versions. Screens and video here:

Animal Crossing: Wild World info!

Rather than spoil it for you, check out this magazine scan:

Even though it doesn't give any new details on Wi-Fi mode, it does provide some juicy details and new screens! I don't know how much longer I can wait for this game!

September 19, 2005

The Legend of Tangerine Pie

Long, long ago, there was a man named Susan. Now, Susan was a baker. He lived in the town of Rathelmale. Susan owned the local bakery, "Ye Old Bakery", which was famous for its delicious pies.

One day, Susan was baking a pie when a rather fat man walked up and demanded a box of 52 fruit filled pies. Susan argued that it was impossible to come up with 52 pies in five minutes, but the fat man kept on demanding them. Susan then ran to his friend Gretchen's house to get help. Susan only got her sister, Olga, who said Gretchen was on the top of Dead Mountain picking berries.

Susan quickly rushed up the mountain, but when he got there he found Gretchen kneeling down staring at a glowing light. She had found the Enchanted Tangerine.

The tangerine rose into the air and bellowed, "I am the mighty Enchanted Tangerine! Not only can I talk, but I am the most tasty tangerine in all the land! Why, if one were to slice me up and use me to fill 52 fruit filled pies, those would be the most delicious pies ever made! The man who bought those would be the luckiest man in all of Rathlemale!"

And so, Susan and Gretchen sliced up the tangerine (which for some reason was enough to fill 52 pies) and filled the pies which they gave to the fat man waiting at the bakery.

When the fat man got home, he tore open the box and gobbled down all the pies. Little did he know the Enchanted Tangerine was cursed. Any one who ate him would slowly turn into the tangerine once again. This made the tangerine very happy because the last creature who ate him was a squirrel and so he was squirrel sized. Now that he had taken over the fat man, he would be huge!

What seemed like an innocent act of baking pie would actually lead to the end of the world as we know it; because in 2758, the Enchanted Tangerine became so huge he controlled the earth and enslaved the human race!

The End!

September 16, 2005

WTF!? Revolution controller reviled.

Wow, now here's something no one could have expected. Nintendo has really take the word "controller" literally. Seriously! Just check out the picture. Also, there is an add on for the controller that allows you to use an analogue stick in your left hand. The controller also has a motion sensor that lets you control the game just by swinging it around. More pics and info at


November 22, mark your calendars! Oh, and check out for some new footage and new games.

September 10, 2005

Pie and Cake

Let's talk about something everyone can relate to: pie and cake.

Let me first say that Pie is awesome! I love pie! Some of my favorite kinds are: apple, blueberry, pumpkin, banana cream, lemon drop, French silk, and tangerine! Actually, tangerine pie doesn't exist, but my friend came up with it and it was funny. Also, pie is funny. For some reason, when people want to be stupid they just scream out "PIE!" I've never understood why, even though I do this. Second, people are always getting hit in the face with pie. People find this funny for some reason. Maybe because clowns do it. Clowns aren't funny though, they're sad.

Moving on, I'll talk about cake. I HATE CAKE!!!! The only cake I eat is ice cream cake. I also love cheese cake, but that's not real cake. Cheese cake is like a big round lump of flavored cream cheese (I love cheese!). Probably my favorite kind of cheese cake is the 25th anniversary Godiva cheese cake. It's got five layers of different chocolate! Mmmm... so good!

September 9, 2005

Howdy do!

First, I'd like to give a howdy-do to all of you! Next, I'd like to talk about cheese. Cheese is one of the world's greatest substances. Created in 1814 by Sir. Daniel Mc Cheese, it has grown in popularity significantly since then.

One of the best things about cheese is how many colors it comes in. There's white, off-white, yellow, pale yellow, white-yellow, blue, white, and yellow. It also comes in a variety of flavors and scents such as cheddar, white cheddar, sharp cheddar, semi-sharp cheddar, and nacho.

That brings me to my next point: liquid cheese. In 1346, after the invention of cheese, King George Forman XVIIXVI2 was the first to liquefy cheese. He used a method called "Quantractic Yorononomy". This separated the cheese from the liquid and then re-combined them to form liquid cheese. Ever since, people have been eating in on nachos.

Then there's spray cheese. Spray cheese is created when you put liquid cheese in a "sprayer thinger". In the 1980s, there was a gang called "The Great Pork Malorphers" who graffitied their names all over New York with spray cheese.

Now can you see the wonderousness of cheese!? I hope so, because if I haven't convinced you to love cheese, I hope I at least gave you a laugh.

Next Gen Sonic!

Wow. No specific information was given about this game other than it will be released next year for Sonic's 15th birthday. But, wow, do these screens look incredible!

Here's a teaser:

Full (high rez) screens here:

Monkeyball DS!

Monkeyball fans rejoice! A duel screened version of the game is on the way! It will be controlled using the touch screen and will offer over 100 levels, multiplayer for up to four, and a bunch of new minigames! It will be released December 30 in Japan. No U.S. release was given.

Screens here:

September 6, 2005

Fight the Flood!

Bungie wants you to "Fight the Flood"! Help the victims of Hurricane Katrina by buying your very own "Fight the Flood" T-shirt for only $20.00! The money goes to the Red Cross, and you get a nifty shirt in the process!

What are you waiting for? Buy a shirt now!

August 30, 2005

Lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. There was a hurricane and I just got my power restored. Then, I found out that the storm had fried my computer! Updating from my laptop now.

Anyway, it turns out the delay of Metroid Prime: Hunters was for good reason. It's going online! That's right, when the game hits early next year it'll be online! And here everyone thought it would never happen...

August 22, 2005

Thank You!

Thank you N-Man for inviting me. That's right if you need anything at all about the City of Heroes or the City Of Villains just say so. You can also see my Omega Web where I have stuff about the those two games.

New DS release dates!

Check out the release dates for some hot titles:

Oct. 24- Metroid Pinball
Nov. 14- Mario Kart DS
Nov. 28- Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Dec. 5- Animal Crossing DS

It's great to see some of these great games finally getting release dates! Unfortunately, though, Metroid Prime Hunters was delayed until next year.

August 17, 2005

Xbox 360 pricing!!!

As expected, there are two versions: the core model, and the premium model.

The core system will be $299.99, and will include a system, a faceplate, a wired controller, and a standard AV cable.

The premium system, at $399.99, will be HD ready and will include: a system, a 20 GB hard drive, a wireless controller, a faceplate, a headset, a component HD AV cable, an Ethernet cable, and for a limited time, a DVD remote.

If you ask me, the premium is the better buy. If you bought the core and then all that stuff separately, if would cost over $200 more, making the total over $400.

August 16, 2005

Nintendo news- Some good, some bad

First, I'll crush everyone's spirits. The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess has been officially delayed until 2006. They said they wanted to make the game as good as possible. That's always the excuse! Although, this was half expected as Nintendo loves to delay its games!

Now for some good news. Starting next week the DS gets a price drop to $129.99! This is great news if you don't already own one. Next, the Gameboy Micro will launch September 19th for $99.99! There, that should make up for the loss of Zelda!

August 15, 2005

Welcome the newest member!

I'd like to welcome Prince Omega to the Gameweb team! If you need to know about City of heroes, he's your man!

August 14, 2005

Name a handheld!

Ever heard of the GP32? Probably not. It's huge in Korea, but sadly it never made it to US shores. Well, Gamepark Holdings is making a new one, codenamed GPX2, and they want you to name it! The winner gets a GPX2 and bragging rights because they just named a video game system! Go the company's official site for details!

Here's a look at what you're naming:

August 11, 2005

World of Warcraft news from China

In China a married couple went to go play World of Warcraft at a local cyber cafe and left there baby at home. Then when getting home they found there baby dead. Turns out they left the baby alone for 4 hours in the House! Very sad story.

Also for unexplained reasons World of Warcraft has been banned in China for anyone under 18 years old.

Possible Xbox 360 launch lineup

It's from EB Games, take it with a grain of salt, people!

Xbox 360- November 2 for $299.99

Amped 3 (2K Games)
Call of Duty 2 (Activision)
Condemned (Sega)
Dead Or Alive 4 (Tecmo)
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Bethesda)
Final Fantasy XI (Microsoft)
Full Auto (Sega)
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
Gun (Activision)
Kameo: Elements of Power (Microsoft)
Madden NFL 06 (EA)
NBA 2K6 (2K Games)
NHL 2K6 (2K Games)
The Outfit (THQ)
Perfect Dark LE (Microsoft)
Project Gotham Racing 3 (Microsoft)
Quake 4 (Activision)
Ridge Racer 6 (Namco)
Saints Row (THQ)
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Activision)
Top Spin 2 (2K Games)

2nd wave- November 16

Burnout Revenge
FIFA Soccer 06
Peter Jackson's King Kong
NBA Live 06
Need For Speed Most Wanted
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

Finally there is Frame City Killer listed for November 19.

All games listed as $59.99, except Kameo which is listed as $49.99(?).

Grain of salt people, grain of salt.

This is just strange...

A South Korean man quit his job to spend more time playing video games. After playing for 50 hours straight, he collapsed from heart failure. One of the strangest game related stories I've heard in a while. Almost as weird as using your Gameboy as a homemade bomb.

August 9, 2005

Possibly the best next-gen game ever!

Project Offset. Never heard of it? Me either...until today. This game is truly amazing! Rather than me spoiling it for you, check out and read about it yourself. Plus, check out the amazing trailers here:!

In the mean time check out this in game shot!

August 8, 2005

Tapwave Zodiac- What went wrong?

What went wrong? It's a few simple things:

First and foremost: lack of support. Game developers did not support the Zodiac, thus a library of crummy games. The best game was Warfare Incorporated which was developed by some palm company no one has ever heard of! The Zodiac did have its fare share of semi-well known games such as Duke Nukem, Spy Hunter, and Tony Hawk; but the developers of the games put little effort into making them good. The rest of the games were cheesy palm games playable on any PDA.

Second, who the heck has ever heard of Tapwave!? Tapwave was a little known PDA company who should have stuck to what they made best PDAs. The Zodiac is a rather good PDA except for one major flaw: if the battery drops to zero, the system resets and deletes all saved data. This is why I never use the PDA and have all of my games and media on SD cards.

The rest of the features are mostly useless. The video playback sucks; it only plays Quicktime videos that have to be converted to a special format using a special program before you can view them on your Zodiac. Sorry, but I'd rather watch movies on my PSP's widescreen format.

So, what do I use my Zodiac for these days? I seldom play the games because they aren't any good. What I do use is the MP3 player. It seems to be the only thing that was done right. Works great, and you can hold over 2 gigs of songs!

I think if the Zodiac had better games it might have succeeded. It had a perfect design: large screen, seven face buttons, and it's the only handheld with a true analogue stick. Sadly, these weren't put to good use. I think the Gizmondo is doomed to fail as well even if it has the support of some major companies; it's just a feeling way down in my gut. As for the N-Gage, I'm surprised that thing has lasted so long!

If you're a Zodiac owner you can still get games and accessories at a Comp USA near you; while supplies last, of course.

I have a little surprise for you all!

I've just completed something no one expected, something no one saw coming, something that will change Gameweb forever! THE GAMEWEB FORUMS!!! That's right, Gameweb now has its very own forms! What are you waiting for? Hit the link to your right and start posting!

August 6, 2005

Black and White 2

Out of the minds of X-blizzard workers comes a new promising RTS.

Black and White 2.

This game looks amazing when it was shown at E3. It has beautiful graphics and you can led a civilization throughout the ages of man. However what separates the RTS from any other RTS is this...

You can make your own god.

that's right a god. An idol that your people worship and a ultimate weapon that can kill you foes in a mighty blow. A god in this game basically looks like a demented cross-breed of two different animals or at lest I think so far from what I've seen of the screen shots.. excited now? I am hopefully this game won't turn out like it's horrible predecessor (Black and White 1) that got a horrible score in almost every PC magazine. Still this is definitely a game you want on your wish list.


The fall of Tapwave

This news sucks for the three people out there who have a Zodiac handheld. As of July 25th, Tapwave has abandoned the Zodiac project. That means the Zodiac is no longer in production, Zodiac products are no longer sold, and your warranty is useless. I just hope mine doesn't break now, or I'll have to find another SD card compatible MP3 player. That is, essentially, all it's good for. I'll have up an article on what went wrong on Gameweb:Viewpoint soon.


Im proud to say that I, Raider Bear, have just joined Gameweb or Viewpoint, whatever it's called. Anyway, If you need tips, codes, or reviews from any game just let me know. Ill have them posted instantly.

August 5, 2005

Brace yourself the Gizmondo is coming!!!!

Now I owe all of my excitement for this handheld to N-man after telling me about all the power this system has and what not. And to be quite honest I was impressed with all its picture taking capabilities , mobile phone uses and instant messaging as well as a built in GPS system which I find pointless unless you plan on going camping with your gizmondo. You think i'm done, nope there is more the unit itself contains a 2.8 inch TFT screen a 400 Mhz Samsung processor, 128-bit Nvidia3D graphics accelerator, bluetooth wireless technology and a SD flash card reader not mentioning that its has a small resemblance to a Leapster learning system I think this hand held has potential the Gizmondo shold hit North Amreican stores august 11. Keep an eye out gamers.

August 4, 2005


Who would have guest it another Star Wars game but this one I didn't know about until recently. Get this guys its in RTS form Real Time strategy for all you non gamers but who cares there coming out with another Star Wars game. Now the story is said to be in between episode 3 and 4 so the story will be well on its way in Star Wars movie standards. You can expect to be able to control many of the Star Wars vehicles such as the TIE fighters and stormtroopers as well as recruiting powerful jedi masters and such all that good stuff. Now if your not excited about this games then im sorry you just don't like Star Wars or maybe you just don't like computer games because that's what it's coming out on. The makers of this game are called Petroglyph a fairly new studio but with most of the people working there originally from Westwood studios who made Command & Conquer we don't need to worry because Command & Conquer was a good title. Well with that we know that our much loved Star Wars game is in good hands. You will be able to get your hands on this game later this year and for more details on the game is the place to go.

Conker Soundtrack .... Yes indeed

Well those who are upsest with our furry little gun slinging squirrel he is coming out with a soundtrack created by yours truly Robin Beanland. Who is he I have no idea but that's besides the point a variety of musical stylings like Halo will be on this CD. We all loved the game well most of us at least so here is the soundtrack for the retail price of 15.98 but wait there is more. Retail releases also include exclusive performances by Dweezil Zappa and a remix from EA's Rabbit in the moon (wow these names are really out there) anyways the CD also comes with a Concker Documentary and other stuff. If your a concker fan (N-man) this looks like something for you. It was officially in stores august 2 but is still out now good luck trying to find it though.

August 2, 2005

Advent Rising

Okay guys this is my first preview so bare with me. Alright here it goes Advent Rising is the first game in an epic sci - fi trilogy that for once does not have the humans getting there butt wooped this time the humans are doing a little butt wooping of there own. Now the story in this game flows like the matrix there is a chosen one yada yada and he will save the earth but what really gets me hiped about this game is the graphics engine which was built using next gen Unreal technology and we all no that Unreals graphics own. But theres more the ablility to switch from first person to third person as well as using an arsenal of phsycic abilitys will be at your finger tips. The producers have promissed us a heap of entertaing futuristic guns and vehicles as well so keep your fingers crosed for Advent rising which comes out August 9th for the PC and is at a resonable 29.99 price not to expensive.


July 30, 2005

Good games for the dollar!

Often old PC games get neglected after they have been out for +1 years. However these games are still excellent and the best part is that they are cheap as hell. So basically I've comprised a list of old games that are still great and better yet cheap!

1. Medieval Total War: Great stragety game you can get the expansion pack as low as $20. Verdict: 9.5/10

2. Starcraft: If you don't already own this RTS that's very sad because it's one of the best RTS out there today and is also one of the most popular games in Japan.
Verdict: 9/10

3. IceWind Dale 2: awesome RPG with a great plot and loads of character profession to chose from
Final Verdict: 8.5/10

4. Halo(PC): I bet that Halo 2 online play is pretty good, but actually I prefer the Halo(PC) online version better. You have different maps only accessible on the PC version. You get the Rocket Warthog and the flamethrower that are only seen in the PC version. Also unlike it's
X-box counterpart the online is free!
Verdict: 10/10

5. Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots: This one isn't too old actually but it is still a great game that's been out for almost 2 years now. It is a very nice RTS that lets you build your own civilization and advance it throughout the ages of man
Verdict: 9/10

PC side of things

Not much PC info gets covered here so I decided to cover some.
Game of today's topic: Guild Wars

Tired of playing the same MMORPGS? Doing the same quests over and over again such as bring "X" thing to "X" person or bring "X" amount of things to "X" person? Or maybe you are tired of the harsh death penalties and the hours you need to contribute to the game? And that monthly fee is getting annoying I bet, $15.00 a month to play! Well then if you have said yes to any of the following questions the GW(Guild Wars) is for you.

Guild Wars is really a game of skill rather than hours spent into the game. The maximum level capacity being twenty may seem small but it really is a good level cap. In guild Wars you have six different classes, Mesmer( anti-caster class), Elementalist(basic caster), Necromancer (caster that relays on stealing life and giving up it's own health to do damage and can also summon dead), Monk (basic healing class), Ranger( archer that has incredible nature lore and can control animals), and warrior ( basic melee class). The beauty to this is that you can mix classes for example: you can be a warrior/monk with the ability to bash and heal. You can combine any classes together so the combos are endless.

The quests in GW are more original than most of the quests in most MMORPGS. Some even invole you talking to people to persuade them to do what you want them to do. But what is really great about GW are the missions, GW has a plot built in to it each time you complete a mission a short cut scene is shown reveling more the plot (which has many twists). These missions are fun but can take a while so make sure you at least have two hours of free time before doing a mission. Even if you die during a mission the death penalties aren't too bad they just invole a decrease in strength and health.

The best part is yet to come though: it's free that's right free no monthly fees unlike every other MMORPG. Guild wars is a great game my finale verdict is : 8.5/10. I took of points for the missions being to long and for the lack of variation of weapons and armor ( you basiclly see the same weapons and armor with the same names excecpt with higher damage rates and extra energy boots). Besides those minor flaws GW is a great game.


July 29, 2005

DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi preview (DBZ Sparking)

As the new DBZ game's release draws nearer, I thought it'd be nice to take a look at some of the new characters that will be in the game.

The following characters have been confirmed:

-The ENTIRE Ginue Squad
-Super 17
All above characters are playable in all of their forms.

Plus all the characters form the other games which include:
-Android 17
-Android 16
-Android 18
-Dr. Gero
(You get the idea)

And that's just scratching the surface! Remember, there are over 60 playable characters in the game so expect even more! (I can think of a few I'd like. *cough* Nova *cough*) Keep checking back for the latest on Budoki Tenkaichi!

In the meanwhile, check out some new screens here:

Huzzah! It's Doegab!

I'd like to welcome the first new member of the Gameweb team: Doegab!!!

Let's all give him a big Gameweb hello! Or not...

The 100th post!!

What better way to celebrate the 100th post than to announce the new Gameweb team! I've sent out an e-mail to my friends and fellow bloggers to see who wanted to join me in Internet domination!! So far I've got my friend "The One Known As To Be Reconed With" (annoyingly long name) joining the team, so lets all welcome him (Not typing that name again!)! I hope to have my friend Doegab and my friend Raider Bear join soon as well!


DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi

I've got up a list of confirmed characters for the upcoming Budokai Tenkaichi over at Gameweb:Viewpoint. Go check it out! Some good stuff in there!
DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi is slated for a November 15th release on the PS2.

July 28, 2005

PSP browser

I'm testing the PSP web browser by writing this entry while using it! Works like a charm!


I'm back on the regular computer now. I thought I'd elaborate on the browser. It really does work fantastically! Well enough for me to post here! The only problem was that the virtual keyboard made it a bit hard to write even just the two sentences. It took a while, but it worked! Hopefully in the future Sony will make a mini keyboard add-on.

PSP 2.0!

Huzzah!! What we've all been waiting for! The PSP 2.0 firmware update! Although it's currently only available in Japan, the update is region-free and will work with U.S. systems.
For those of you who don't know, the PSP 2.0 update adds many new features to the already feature-packed PSP. Some of these include: wireless photo sharing, support for new types of music and video, support for custom backgrounds(!), and finally... A WEB BROWSER!!!

What are you waiting for? Download the PSP 2.0 update now!!!!

I'll have a full review soon.

Game Swap Zone!

Do you like eBay? Like games? Then you'll love Game Swap Zone! It's an all new auction site for nothing but games! Not much to browse at the moment (there's only 10 products), but check back in the future for some great deals!
You can check out the site by clicking here.

July 24, 2005

Nintendo Interview

There was a recent interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto and they reviled some really juicy tidbits about the Revolution, DS, and new games!

"Both Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and Executive Producer Shigeru Miyamoto were interviewed by Electronic Gaming Monthly recently to discuss numerous topics, and reveal a few more choice details about the upcoming Revolution console. According to Iwata, although the system will not support high-definition games, all Revolution games will be required to support 480p Progressive Scan, so games will still be playable on high-def TV sets in a widescreen format. Also, the attachment announced at E3 to give the system DVD-playing capability will be inserted inside the machine, so players won't notice it. In regards to the system's online capability, the Revolution will be Wi-Fi compatible out of the box, but will initially not have a Ethernet port. However, an adapter will be sold that will make use of the Revolution's USB ports to connect to an Ethernet system. Nintendo is also looking into DS-to-Revolution connectivity via Wi-Fi.

In regards to games, Miyamoto states that Nintendo is considering making a DS version of the ultra-popular Super Smash Brothers series. Miyamoto is currently hard at work at both the new Mario game for Revolution (which he confirms is the game that was Mario 128) as well as his new project, which was announced at E3. Miyamoto says he would like to use the much-overlooked Luigi in a new game, and is considering making a new Pikmin title for Revolution considering that the still-mysterious controller would be perfect for the game. Plus, he's looking into doing something with the long stagnant GameCube tech demo Stage Debut, which allowed players to map their faces into games. Also, Iwata states that the company is looking into adding online play into many of the downloadable Nintendo games that will be available on Revolution, and also confirms that the Revolution controller, since it will be able to play 4 generations of Nintendo console games, will not be so vastly different that it alienates developers and third-parties."

GTA gets pulled

In a follow-up to the GTA "hot coffee" from last week, it now appears Rockstar and Take Two are in even more trouble. Due to the recent rating change to "Adults Only", Best Buy, Circuit City, and Gamestop have pulled all copies of GTA: San Andreas from their stores and no longer sell the game. Pitty.

July 21, 2005

GTA gets rating change

Apparently because of someone's mod (called "hot coffee"), ESRB has revoked the Mature rating given to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and replaced it with an Adults-Only rating. The mod unlocked sexually explicit minigames within San Andreas, thus the game's rating changed to "AO". This will effect games already produced. Rockstar will stop production of that version of the game, delete the content, and re-produce the game for an "M" rating.

July 18, 2005

Worms are invading!

Worms is invading a portable system near you! That's right, Worms is coming to the PSP and DS in two all new Worms games in classic 2D style! No details were given, but here are some screens of the PSP version in action!

(click for bigger versions)

July 12, 2005

What if the 360 was black?

It would probably look like this. Although this is not an official picture, but rather a fan-made render, it could paint some picture of the future. There is a chance of the 360 getting released in black. After all, it's the color of the beta kits (as seen in the picture below- compared to the Xbox beta kit).

The DS gets Rare!

It's official! The company Rare (now owned by Microsoft), has set up a team to develop games for the DS! Now maybe we'll see a true hand-held Banjo-Kazooie!

Xbox gets TLC!

The Lost Chapters, that is! That's right, Fable: The Lost Chapters will be available for the Xbox this September as a Platinum Hits title for $19.99! This is great news because I really wanted the game- but not on the PC!

July 5, 2005

Jade Empire

Just a quick note: Jade Empire is now $30! If you don't already own this one, get it now! Not only was it voted the best RPG on Xbox, but it's also the highest rated Xbox game* (9.9)! I suggest getting the Limited Edition (it's the same price).

*Views only reflect those of the IGN staff. Although, the game got stellar reviews from every magazine and website.

It's here!

The Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack was released today (online; it'll be in stores Thursday)! Get the final five maps for $12, and the other four (if you don't already have them) for free! Mine's downloading right now! So what are you waiting for!? Stop playing Conker for a few minutes and boot up Halo 2!

I've been holding out

Sorry I've been holding out on the reviews. I've actually got a lot of 'em. I've done so because of a recent merger proposition with my good friend Raider Bear ( Keep in mind that this will only effect Viewpoint. Gameweb will remain the same. The new site should have twice the content as well as movie reviews. I'll keep you updated on that.

In other news: I just realized last month was Gameweb's half birthday! If you recall, Gameweb was created on December 22 of last year. The perfect Christmas gift for any gamer! June 22 was the six month mark. It'll be one in December. I hope to continue the excellent coverage (Go ahead, check around the web. You won't find any site with as much news!), and I hope for many more birthdays to come!

Happy half birthday Gameweb!

July 4, 2005

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July everybody! Here's some ways to celebrate:
1. Go read my new reviews.
2. Go to your local Circuit City for the Fourth of July sale. They have games on sale for $10 that are usually $50!
3. Eat junk food!
4. Watch the Twilight Zone marathon on the Si Fi channel.

And remember; it's good to live in America... unless you live in Japan. Because they get more games than us, and they come out sooner!

July 3, 2005

Review- Kirby Canvas Curse



Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Stylus Platformer
Price: (varies) $30-$40
Players: 1

The mold has been broken, and I love it! There should be more games like this! The whole point of the game is to get Kirby through levels of the game using only the stylus to build rainbows for him to ride on. Tap an enemy and they get stunned. Tap Kirby and he speeds up. Speed into an enemy to copy his power and tap Kirby to use it. The whole system works beautifully. The game itself is pretty easy until you get into the later levels (where Kirby is being pushed to the right side of the screen, and you have to tap bombs to blow up walls to prevent him from getting smashed). Boss battles are a little different. Each time you beat a world (three levels), you get to choose one of three boss games. There's a breakout style game, a racing game, and a drawing game. Once you beat it twice, it becomes availabe as a minigame in which you can try for some high scorage. Another cool aspect of the game are the collectible medals. There are six in each level. Three you find and three you win by completing the level in a certain amount of time or using the least ink possible. With these you can unlock cool extras like bead lines, instead of rainbows, music, and even the ability to play as Meta Knight.
I enjoyed Kirby very much. Even though it's short and kind of easy, it's a unique title that should not be missed! The only downside? No multiplayer. Bummer.
Graphics: One of the best looking Kirby games ever! - 10
Sound: Awesome! New tunes, remixed ones, and classics! - 10
Control: Stylus control is awesome! - 10
Lasting Appeal: Short. Unlockables will last you a while-but not too long. - 8.6
Overall: 9.5

June 7, 2005

Impressions - Destroy All Humans

This game is hilarious and great fun! You're Crypto, and alien invading Earth, who must destroy all the humans. The whole game takes place in the fifties. You've got a bunch of powers in just the first level (Expect many more in the full game). You can read minds, fly a UFO, use your Zapper gun and, my favorite, move stuff with your mind! I love throwing cows, and people for that matter, into lakes or throwing them into the sky until they disappear from sight! You can also smash people with cars! Once you kill a human you can extract their brain for DNA.

I also love the UFO! It's fun blowing stuff up with the ray gun, or setting people on fire, but the real fun is in the tractor beam. You can pick up trucks and use them as wrecking balls to demolish buildings! You can also throw people with it, but things are more fun.

I love this game and can't wait for it's release later this month! Definitely get this one and waste away your summer playing it!

Impressions - Darkwatch

I've been wanting to play Darkwatch for a while now, and I finally got the chance. I have to say this game is great! Basically it's an old western game with zombies... and you're a vampire. The whole concept is pretty cool.

The first level I played was a graveyard. You have to cleanse it of the undead. You start out with a pistol and later get a crossbow that shoots exploding arrows. It's pretty hard to hit anything with the crossbow because every time you shoot it everyone runs away. The melee attacks are cool as well. That guy twirls his gun in true old west stile! You also have the ability to double jump- really, really, high! The last move you get is your vampire power. You can look through walls and see if any undead are nearby. It's kind of like heat vision. Anyway, getting back to the level. After you mash your way through undead, you come to a hill where the moral system comes into play. A woman has been poisoned and you can either kill her, or suck out the poison. Depending on which you choose, you'll get a different special attack. Be good and you get powered up guns, be bad and you get super melee. It actually pays to be bad here because if you save her she comes back as a banshee that tries to kill you. Either way, you'll have to fight a bunch of fat guys with swords that spit goop out of their backs. This was a pretty challenging level.

The second level was really cool. You start off riding a horse along side a moving train while shooting down undead. You then board the train and clear it too. Somewhere along the level you get a sniper and a shotgun- both very effective. Most of this level is just a blast fest; kill everything to survive. When you get to the end, you get to operate a giant double-barrel turret. You basically just gun down everything- not that that isn't fun.

Overall, I like Darkwatch. There are some problems with the controls, one of which is switching weapons, which you can't do unless you lean sideways (?). There is still some time to iron these issues out before the games release in the coming weeks.

PSP ~ Intec screen protector Vs. Pelican screen protector

Let's face it. The PSP has a beautiful screen, but it scratches way too easily. You'll need a way to protect it. So I'm here to set the record straight. Which screen protector is better?

The first protector I got was the one by Intec. I opened it up to put it on and realized something: there was a little tab stuck to it to remove the screen protector from the backing. Problem was, that the tab was stuck to the protector itself. I had to carefully pull the protector off of the backing by myself, and then remove the tab from the protector, which left glue residue on it. Great, already ruined. But it gets worse! When I put the thing on, there were air bubbles everywhere! I tried to smooth them out with the included "Intec squeegee" but all that did was scratch the screen protector. Fed up, I pulled it off. Only to find that the very thing that was trying to protect the screen had scratched it! I then threw it out.
BOTTOM LINE: The Intec screen protector is a piece of crap! So was the cleaning cloth it came with!

Next, I tried the Pelican screen protector. This time the tab was on the backing and it peeled off easily. I aligned the screen protector with the corner of the screen and let go. It fell right into place... WITH NO AIR BUBBLES!! I didn't even need to use the the included smoothing thingy! What a pleasant surprise! I booted up the system to find out how the picture looked. Unlike the Intec one it was pretty clear and lost little sharpness. It even hid the scratch from the Intec screen protector! Even the cloth was nice!
BOTTOM LINE: Get this one! It's sooo much better! Plus it's anti-glare, has a three year warranty, and comes with a console protection guarantee which states: If the screen protector damages your system through normal use, Pelican will repair or replace your system at no charge.

Massive Viewpoint update!

Okay, so it's not that massive. I've got up a review and some impressions. Check 'em out!

June 5, 2005

Where can I get me some of those?

Check this out: Life sized replicas of your favorite videogame characters and super heroes! Too bad they're not for sale...

Now there's an idea

Are you cheap and want a way to protect your PSP UMDs? Here's an idea. Go out to your local CVS pharmacy and buy a tin of Altoids. Enjoy the Altoids, then, when they're gone, use the empty tin to store you'r UMDs. It's cheaper than just buying the UMD cases, plus you get free candy!!

May 23, 2005

E3 2005 in review

Another year, another E3. This year, however, was the biggest, most anticipated E3 in years. That's because this year was all about new consoles. So let's get started, shall we?

Everything you want to know:

Microsoft really had to perform this year. The 360 is due out in November, so it was important for people to get a good impression of the new system. I think they pulled it off. I was reading some hands on impressions of some 360 games. Definitely positive. I think the best were Perfect Dark Zero and Gears of War. There was also an incredible seven minute trailer for Dark Sector. I think that game is really going to be something. For more info on the Xbox 360 and it's games go here:

For the regular Xbox, some cool games were shown off. Nothing mind-blowing, though. A definite highlight was Burnout Revenge. I suggest you go to for some hands on impressions of Burnout and more.

Sony showed off the PS3 this year in addition to new stuff for the PS2 and the PSP. They really had their hands full! As far as the PS3 goes, the system was shown in prototype form...and I hate it! The system is an odd un-stackable round-on-one-side thing; and the controller is a boomerang! The inside however is very powerful. More powerful even than the 360. Of course that's just because it comes out a year later. One of the most impressive looking games is Mobile Suit Gundam Also announced was Devil May Cry 4 Tekken was also very impressive

Nothing spectacular really happened for the PS2. The PSP, however, had a great lineup! In addition to Burnout Legends, Daxter was playable. You play as Daxter, Jak's side kick. The game takes place between the first two Jak games; while Jak is being held prisoner. for more. Ratchet, Jak, Kingdom Hearts and Soul Caliber were also shown for the PS2.

Once again, I have to say that Nintendo stole the show. They always have the best lineup of games. The big game this year was The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Feel free to check out the incredible trailer for your self:

Of course, Nintendo showed off the Revolution...but not in full. Nintendo refused to show off the controller, claiming we'd see it...later. The Revolution is, however, my favorite looking of all three systems. It's just the size of three DVD cases stack on top of each other. In terms of games, Nintendo did not disappoint. They said the Revolution would have a new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, and, of course, Smash Brothers-online! Also, the Revolution will be able to play every Nintendo game ever made! It'll play gamecube games out of the box, and others through downloadable files of SD cards.

Nintendo's best line up was for the DS. They showed: Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid Pinball, Mario Kart, The NEW Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing, Mario & Luigi 2, Elecroplancton, Nintendogs, and more! should have medial for all those games.

Nintendo also showed a new Gameboy. The Gameboy Micro. It's a GBA redesigned (again), but really, really, small. It'll also have removable face plates.

If you're looking for screens, check out IGN. They also have exclusive vidios. For trailers, check out Download the Dark Sector trailer here: