July 30, 2005

PC side of things

Not much PC info gets covered here so I decided to cover some.
Game of today's topic: Guild Wars

Tired of playing the same MMORPGS? Doing the same quests over and over again such as bring "X" thing to "X" person or bring "X" amount of things to "X" person? Or maybe you are tired of the harsh death penalties and the hours you need to contribute to the game? And that monthly fee is getting annoying I bet, $15.00 a month to play! Well then if you have said yes to any of the following questions the GW(Guild Wars) is for you.

Guild Wars is really a game of skill rather than hours spent into the game. The maximum level capacity being twenty may seem small but it really is a good level cap. In guild Wars you have six different classes, Mesmer( anti-caster class), Elementalist(basic caster), Necromancer (caster that relays on stealing life and giving up it's own health to do damage and can also summon dead), Monk (basic healing class), Ranger( archer that has incredible nature lore and can control animals), and warrior ( basic melee class). The beauty to this is that you can mix classes for example: you can be a warrior/monk with the ability to bash and heal. You can combine any classes together so the combos are endless.

The quests in GW are more original than most of the quests in most MMORPGS. Some even invole you talking to people to persuade them to do what you want them to do. But what is really great about GW are the missions, GW has a plot built in to it each time you complete a mission a short cut scene is shown reveling more the plot (which has many twists). These missions are fun but can take a while so make sure you at least have two hours of free time before doing a mission. Even if you die during a mission the death penalties aren't too bad they just invole a decrease in strength and health.

The best part is yet to come though: it's free that's right free no monthly fees unlike every other MMORPG. Guild wars is a great game my finale verdict is : 8.5/10. I took of points for the missions being to long and for the lack of variation of weapons and armor ( you basiclly see the same weapons and armor with the same names excecpt with higher damage rates and extra energy boots). Besides those minor flaws GW is a great game.


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