April 29, 2012

Go Right

Strangely beautiful and moving. Who says video games can't be art?

"Hey guys, what if... what if we went left?"
"Oh God, nope, this was a terrible idea!"

April 27, 2012

Check This Out: Project M Demo 2.0

Smash Brothers fans can agree that Brawl was a good game, but not a good Super Smash game. Luckily, there's a dedicated group of individuals out there who aim to fix that. Enter the Smashmods community. These groups of modders have fixed up Brawl in a variety of flavors, free of charge. There's something for everyone depending on the amount of disappointment you hold towards the game. The best part? You don't even have to mod your console or void any warranties. It's free, easy, and legal to have the sequel to Melee you've always wanted. Of these mods, the biggest revamp comes in the form of Project M. Project M overhauls the gameplay almost completely. As the name would imply, Project M aims to make Brawl into Melee 2.0. I have to say that, for the most part, it absolutely succeeds. When you boot up the mod, you'll see that all the menus have received a custom makeover, stages have been swapped, and only 29 characters are available. Now, these 29 characters aren't indicative of the final roster (all the characters) but they are the furthest along in their revisions.

New footage of Chasing Aurora is lovely

There are 30 minutes left of PAX Prime 2011. My friend and I saw this awesome indie game days before and said we'd come back later to play it. With little time left, we determine to make make it our final game. We wait in line watch a few game. The game is beautiful and looks fun. It was a four player mode in which players chase after the fourth, who holds a magical glowing ball called "aurora". The objective is to steal it and hold on to it as long as you can. It's finally our turn. We sit on the couch of the most comfortable booth a PAX, grab our PS3 controllers, and... technical error. We didn't have enough time to wait for it to be fixed. Mission failed.

This new trailer is the first look at the game's single player mode, which I wasn't even aware of. Chasing Aurora looks even more beautiful than it did all those months ago!

Earthworm Jim coming to DVD... if you want it bad enough

Recently announced: Earthworm Jim the complete series from Visual Entertainment Inc. It'll be available July 10th for $25. That is, if interest is proven high enough. Obviously, VEI wouldn't even attempt to put out EWJ on DVD if there wasn't some demand for it, however the company has a weird policy in place. Basically, they've got these sets all ready to go but they won't actually be produced if there aren't enough preorders. If you're interested, make sure you preorder. You can even save $8 if you buy from Amazon.

On an Earthworm Jim related note, Mezco currently has a pretty sweet Jim figure up for preorder. It'll run you $17 and also ships in July. I used to have a really crappy Earthworm Jim action figure as a kid. I loved that thing to death but it's battered and broken now. I will definitely be picking this one up to relive the glory days of my childhood... by sitting it carefully on my shelf. Past the break, you'll find a comparison of Jim from then and now.

New Saturday night Fox animation block shows major potential

Fox just announced a new Saturday night animation block set to launch in early 2013. It's called Animation Domination HD (I bet the execs stayed up late to come up with a title that brilliant) and it's headed by Nick Weidenfeld, who used to head up Adult Swim. Except, based on the info currently available, it looks like ADHD will kick AS in the ass. Why, you ask? The first confirmed show is Axe Cop: The Animated Series. You read that correctly. It's been greenlit for six 15-minute episodes, with the intention to expand the show to a half hour. But that's not all! Erin "Egoraptor" Hanson has also been hired to create a series of shorts for the block! Now let's just hope the block stays on for more than two weeks. This is Fox we're talking about here.

April 13, 2012

Adventure is ready. It's Gomez Time!

Today is your lucky day! Go buy FEZ!

Installation 04 @ PAX EAST 2012

So I was at PAX East last weekend and I played some great games. Not as many games as I wanted to play, but I played some cool stuff nonetheless. What did this year's show have to offer? Impressions lie within, including a spcial preview of Party of Sin.

April 12, 2012


You ought to be aware of this movie, because it looks awesome.

April 1, 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3 goes multiplatform

E3 is fast approaching, as you are well aware, and publishers have already begun preparation for the show. A little digging around the Square-Enix site by some avid fans has lead to the discovery of a page intended for launch during the show. Apparently, Squenix is prepping an announcement for Kingdom Hearts 3! There really aren't many details to be had here as the page is simply a splash page meant to house the announcement trailer. But the coding does reveil the above image, the game's logo, as well as one very important detail. The page lists the game for both PS3 and Wii U. This isn't particularly surprising to me, considering how many Kingdom Hearts games have been on Nintendo handhelds. Personally, I think this is great news and I think it'll work out well for everyone, especially Nintendo. The fine print lists a target release of fiscal year 2014, which could be any time between October 2013 and September 2014. I would count on later rather than sooner, but the rumor paired with this news story mentions KH3 is quite far along and names the secret development of this game as the reason for Versus XIII being pushed back for ever and ever. You can read the full story, including the html files, at this NeoGAF thread.

Did you catch Toonami last night?

Last midnight, instead of running their usual Saturday night anime block, Adult Swim aired Toonami. Not a collection of old this and that, either. It was the first brand new broadcast since September 2008. Below, you can catch the complete collection of bumps if you missed it. When you're done, please take a moment to write Cartoon Network and let them know how much you enjoyed this (seemingly) one time deal. They even have a specific Toonami category listed (I wonder why...) on their feedback page.