April 27, 2012

Earthworm Jim coming to DVD... if you want it bad enough

Recently announced: Earthworm Jim the complete series from Visual Entertainment Inc. It'll be available July 10th for $25. That is, if interest is proven high enough. Obviously, VEI wouldn't even attempt to put out EWJ on DVD if there wasn't some demand for it, however the company has a weird policy in place. Basically, they've got these sets all ready to go but they won't actually be produced if there aren't enough preorders. If you're interested, make sure you preorder. You can even save $8 if you buy from Amazon.

On an Earthworm Jim related note, Mezco currently has a pretty sweet Jim figure up for preorder. It'll run you $17 and also ships in July. I used to have a really crappy Earthworm Jim action figure as a kid. I loved that thing to death but it's battered and broken now. I will definitely be picking this one up to relive the glory days of my childhood... by sitting it carefully on my shelf. Past the break, you'll find a comparison of Jim from then and now.

Awesome new Jim figure, highly detailed with 8 points of articulation and alternate bendy worm body!

Crappy Jim of yesteryear, with 4 points of articulation and spring-loaded ejector head.

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