June 30, 2008

More Awesome to go around

Movie reviews tomorrow. For now enjoy this new awesome movie!

June 26, 2008

Movie Review: The Beast With a Billion Backs

Let Deathball begin! Futurama returns once more with The Beast With a Billion Backs, the sequel to last year's Bender's Big Score. This movie picks up where the last left off. The crew sets off to fix the anomaly that Bender Created at the end of the other movie. First off, this movie is much more straight forward than Bender's Big Score. Second, in my opinion it's not quite as good either. I tell you though, it's still damn good stuff. Futurama is one show that has yet to run its course. Whereas Family Guy is getting stale, Futurama still delivers. There are some really great lines in this movie that I won't spoil you. Lets just say that Futurama is the king of one-liners and there are some here that rank up at the top. That being said, there really wasn't much that made me truly laugh out loud. I think Bender's Big Score was funnier, but that doesn't make TBWABB a bad movie. On the contrary, I'd pay $10 to go see it in theaters. The actual plot itself is pretty much what you'd expect from Futurama. Things get pretty zany when tentacles come out of the anomaly and seemingly take over the world. Yet, somehow it remains a touching love story in which Fry learns a valuable lesson about falling in love with tentacles and becoming the Pope of a new religion. Yes indeed it's touching, sometimes inappropriately. Those tentacles get around, you know. Really, there's not much I can say about the movie without spoiling the plot in some way- just know that it's exactly what you'd expect from Futurama. What I especially like about these Futurama movies is that they are actually full length, 90 minute films. It's a grand adventure through, love, loss, humor, heaven, hell, and Stephen Hawking. Yes indeed, Futurama is still as brilliant as when it first started and I'm extremely happy it's still around. I recommend this movie to everyone- fans and non-fans alike. Futurama will always be the best animated cartoon of its genre (until the next best thing) and I can't wait to see what it has up its sleeve next.

As I did before, here's a special preview for Bender's Game, the next film due out about December:

June 24, 2008

Movie Reviews

You Don't Mess With The Zohan

Adam Sandler is back and this time his crotch is stuffed with exotic cheese and hummus! You Don't Mess With The Zohan is a completely ridiculous movie with enough action to satisfy Master Chief and enough laughs to satisfy even Simon Cowel. Err, maybe not. That guy's a stifler. He'd probably call it "absolutely hideous." Well anyway, if you're not Simon Cowel you should enjoy this movie. It's about "The Zohan" a counter-terrorist agent for Israel who sneaks off to America to become a hairdresser under the name Scrappy Coco. Yes, it is quite ridiculous. What makes the movie especially funny is that Zohan does these completely crazy superhuman things that make him seem like a super hero. Everyone even treats him like a super hero. Then you realize he's just a regular guy and it makes the situations even more over the top and entertaining. Not only that, but it's kind of disturbing as well when Zohan bangs number of old ladies and one fat one with an enormous ass that, unfortunately, you get behold in all its nakedness. It's hard to describe this movie other than it's a very over the top, hummus filled adventure that's great to see if your up for some good times.

The Happening

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have The Happening. I actually found the film to be more sad than it was scary. A lot of people die in this movie. A lot of people. You find yourself saddened when even the most insignificant little kid gets a shotgun to the face. Yes, that does happen. I think I'll explain a little bit of what the movie's about because I had no idea what I was getting into before I went in. The movie is basically about a "happening" in the northeast U.S. in which the air all of a sudden becomes intoxicated and and ends up in bed with three hookers. No seriously, the air becomes intoxicated and when people inhale it they kill themselves. The movie focuses on one man's quest for survival as he tries to find out what the hell is going on. They never quite explain, but you basically get the idea by the end that the movie is one big PSA about how we need to take care of the environment. Lame. Still, the movie is not bad and creates a good sense of eeriness even though it's a pretty predictable. It's not really even that scary until the end when they run into an creepy old house in the middle of creepy old nowhere with a creepy bipolar old woman. I say, see it if you like that kind of stuff or if your a Shyamalan fan. Otherwise, skip it.

The Incredible Hulk

Now we're talking! This is the Hulk film you've been waiting for! It's really good in just about every way. This time around, the movie is more of a throwback to the old TV series and the comic book. During the opening credits, there is a flashback that basically says "Here's how the Hulk became the Hulk. Now, forget that 2003 Hulk crap." That's fine and dandy- if this were the first movie. But it's not. This actually is a sequel for that movie, strangely enough. I would have preferred if it was a stand-alone, though it kind of is anyway. I'm rambling now and not making any sense, so I'll get on with it. The movie starts with Banner in Brazil hiding from the U.S. government and Thunderbolt Ross. He's basically on the run the entire movie, which is the way it's supposed to be. The villain this time is an actual villain from the comic strip and he's awesome- The Abomination. The fight with him at the end is pretty epic, too. As good as this movie is, I have two gripes. One, I like Edward Norton but he just seems wrong for the part. He's such a scrawny long-necked nerd. I'd hate to say it, but I prefer Eric Bana as Banner. Second, this movie suffers from the same flaw as Iron Man. Though both excellent movies, they leave you wanting more. Both films seem like two hours of build up for a short fight at the end and a quick conclusion. That's fine to set up for a sequel, but I want more now! Only four times does Banner become the Hulk: once with no one to fight, once to fight some tanks and a helicopter, once to try and cure himself, and once for the all-too-short fight with Abomination. Same thing in Iron Man. Not enough epic battles. There should be a balance somewhere in between the action in Spider-Man (every 5 minutes) and Iron Man (short battle at the end). That's not to say there wasn't action, there was, but it's like having Superman fight mobsters- it's just not satisfying. That being said, at leas the Hulk looks awesome and not like Shrek. Despite its flaws, the Hulk remains a very good super hero movie and is now high on my list. Go see this one!

June 20, 2008

Spore Impressions

I've had some time to play with the Spore Creature Creator, and I must say it's just as good as you thought it was. The creator is just as easy to use as it looks. Basically, the game gives you a randomly shaped lump of "clay" with a spine attached. You can mold the clay into whatever shape you choose by manipulating spine. You can make it longer or shorter, bend it into any shape you choose, and even change the thickness of the vertebrae. Once you have your desired body shape, you can attach any of the 228 parts to your creature. You can alter the appearance of these parts as well to make your creature even more unique. Before you test out your creature, you'll want to color it. You can pick from a variety of coats and combine them with your own color choices for nearly infinite combinations. Though just a portion of the full game, the Creature Creator is great fun and has near infinite replayability. When the full game comes out on September 7th, you can upload the creatures you've created ahead of time for use in the full game.

Here are just a few of my favorite creatures that I've created:

Fat-Bellied Kroff
The first creature I made was the Fat-Bellied Kroff. Not only was this the first, but in my opinion, it remains one of my best. This thing is basically just a camel thing with a shell and a funny tail. Simple, but awesome.

I call this one the rejected Pokemon. It's some kind of biped mole with moose antlers. The best part about Molemoose is how he actually animates in the game. It's really funny to watch him walk around.

Greater Jube
With this, I tried to make something just about as tall as I could get. Greater Jube is almost maximum height. His tail came out accidentally awesome. It was intended to be a single tail, but it ended up splitting in two at the end. I also had a hard time hiding the mouth (a necessity for all Spore creatures) but I somehow made it completely ivisible.

Ivory Grogg

I wanted to create something that had wings and arms for legs. I ended up the the Ivory Grog- a creature whose hooves are pure ivory, and whose blood is pure grog.

Duck-Billed Spruce Brod
The Duck-Billed Spruce Brod is one of my most popular creations for some reason. It's a tiny flying fish creature with a duck bill and coral on its back.


This massive guy has rocks on its back that smaller creatures seek refuge in. Although he's not very popular, I like him for whatever reason.

Mossy Kruger

I sure use the letter "K" a lot, huh? Anyway, this is my latest creation. It's basically some kind of weird camel alpaca with a mossy back.


Heh. Ah, yes- the Shmutomi; simple minded creatures that use their four arms to build simple lumber villages.

Lesser Jube

The Lesser Jube is the shorter relative of the Greater Jube. I actually like this guy more than the other one. I did have a hard time hiding the mouth, though. It came off looking like a layer of fat around the neck, which is exactly how I described it.


Finally, is the Woil. This thing my most popular creation to date. I actually worked on this guy for quite some time before I was happy with it. He underwent numerous transformations, but ended up being a two-legged cross between a hound and a crocodile with a spiky tail.

Remember to check out Sporepedia for over 700,000 creations. You can see my creatures here and Doegab's here. A few of mine mentioned here, as well as some of my other creations, are saved under Doegab's account.

June 19, 2008

Inner Feelings From Outer Space

The Spore Creature Creator released the other day. I ordered my copy and it's on the way. I'll weigh in as soon as I get it! You can check out other people's creations in the Sporpedia. In the mean time, here's this:

June 12, 2008

Just some site news for yous

Well, we've now had 150 posts, 100 of which were posted this year. On top of that, we've gotten OVER 2,000 HITS!! HOORAY!

In other news, I know this site isn't real heavy on the news aspect of things, so for those of you interested in what's going on in gaming and beyond, I've added a live feed from IGN in the sidebar so you all can keep up with the latest stuffs. Enjoy!

June 9, 2008

What to Play Ths Year

It seems that I think to myself every year with so many excellent titles coming out, this is going to be the greatest year in gaming ever! The problem is, every year seems to get better than the last. In all my days as a gamer, I've never seen so many quality titles as I've seen this generation. This year has proven no different. In fact, this year's batch of games has proven to be even better than last year's. GTA4 is the first game I've ever seen to get a perfect 10 not just overall, but in every category. MGS4 received a 9.9 from IGN UK, getting a 10 in every category except in the lasting appeal section (it got a 9.5). The rest of the year's games look just as promising, but what's that you say? There's too many of them? You can't decide what to play? Don't worry! Installation 04 is here to help!

What to play this summer:

The summer months are typically considered as the dry season of gaming. Usually, there's not a whole lot to play until the fall. Not so this year. Many quality titles quench the arid summer months with a much needed thunderstorm of gaming.

What: MGS4
When: June 12th
Platform: PS3
Why you should care: It's been called the ultimate Metal Gear experience. For those of you who haven't played a Metal Gear title, you should. They're quite good. Not to mention that the fiction surrounding the games is up there in quality with the Halo franchise. This is one game I'm truly excited about, but unfortunately will never get to play. Come to think of it, it's quite possibly the only worthwhile game on the PS3. While it has many fans, I'm sure only the die hards will actually have a PS3. I'm willing to be that, within the next year, they announce the game for the 360. You can read the review here. And make sure you check out this kickass trailer:

Courage is solid!

What: SoulCalibur 4
When: July 29th
Platform: 360/PS3
Why you should care: It's the epic conclusion to the SoulCalibur saga! Wait, SoulCalibur had a plot? In any case, this game takes the franchise to the next level with new characters, new weapons, destructible environments, online play, and an updated character creator. The 360 version has Yoda as a guest character and the PS3 version has Vader. Both versions have Vader's secret apprentice from The Force Unleashed.

What: Too Human
When: August 19th
Platform: 360
Why you should care: Too Human has been in development for as long as Duke Nukem Forever. It was originally intended to be a Playstation game but was scrapped and moved to the Gamecube. Now, ten years later, it's finally found a home on the 360. Too Human is an action RPG that is based around Norse mythology. The premise of the game is one of the most unique I've ever seen. Hundreds of years ago, humanity reached its technological peak. You play as Balder, a machine god who sets out to save humanity from the rise of machines. The game gets its name because, being a cyborg-thing, the other gods criticize you for being too human. Too human plays like an action game in the vein of Devil May Cry, but has heavy RPG elements. You can level up your character, choose a class and skills, and upgrade weapons. The game also has online play so you can quest with a friend. What truly makes Too Human unique is the innovative control scheme that relies on the right analogue stick for attacks rather than the face buttons. Think of it like playing Skate.

What: Legendary
When: September 9th
For: 360, PS3, PC
Why you should care: Legendary is a FPS in the modern day with mythical creatures. That's right, mythical creatures ravaging New York city and you have to stop them. Not too much is known, but it seems like an interesting premise.

What to play this fall:
The fall is typically the time of year when all the blockbuster games are released. This year, of course, has some big ones.

What: Dead Space
When: Halloween
For: 360, PS3, PC
Why you should care: It's a horror/survival game in space. You play a space commander who gets stranded in space with little more than a space suit and a pistol. The game has no hud and gameplay revolves around the various ways you dismember your foes. You can shoot them, but ammo is very sparse in space. A lot of the game takes place in zero-gravity as well. The game looks very eerie, and very good.

What: Fable 2
When: Fall (October?)
For: 360
Why you should care: Fable 2 promises to deliver on everything that was cut from the first game. It has innovative one button controls, no hud, and a unique multiplayer design that allows for friends to jump in and out of the game world. The world itself is completely open now and no longer composed of linear paths. Weapons (there's guns now) are more customizable along with your character, and expect to see an improved good/evil system. It sounds good, but will it deliver? The first fable certainly was a good game, just not the game we were all expecting.

Yes, that is the only trailer of the game.

What: Fallout 3
When: Fall (October 7th?)
For: 360, PS3, PC
Why you should care: The next big RPG from the makers of Oblivion. Don't expect anything similar, though. Fallout 3 fallows the story of your character as he grows from a baby, to a young man and travels into the post-apocalyptic world after growing up in a bunker. The game will have a unique combat system that mixes FPS with traditional RPG elements. Your skill development will affect the way you evolve, as will the choices you make, and they will ultimately alter the way in which the game plays out. It'll also utilize a bunch of crazy home-made weapons crated from junk collected from the world (DC). Interaction with NPCs will be more advanced as well. One of the most unique aspects is the survival itself. To make it in the world of Fallout, you'll have to survive mutant beasts. If your injured, the way your character will play will change. For instance, if you break your leg, your speed will suffer. You'll have to fix it or eventually die. That means you'll have to have a high surgeon skill or find a doctor. Plus, watch out for radiation in food and water! You'll have to balance that, too. You may need water to heal yourself, but it may contain radiation. Too much radiation, and you'll die!

Again, the only known trailer.

What: Halo Wars
When: Fall (October?)
For: 360
Why you should care: It's an RTS built ground-up for consoles. Plus, it's Halo.

What: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
When: Fall (November?)
For: 360
Why you should care: Previewed below.

What: Gears of War 2
When: Fall (November?)
For: 360
Why you should care: It's bigger, better, and more badass. No, really. It's got crazy new enemies, crazy new weapons (meat shield!), even better graphics, a plot, drop in/drop out multiplayer, chainsaw duels, and a whole load more awesomeness! Check out the trailer in the archives to see what I mean.

There's several other games I could mention, but chances are they'll be delayed into next year. I hope this helps everyone's game purchasing decisions for the year!

June 7, 2008

I left this place in the hands of fools

Well, I'm back. I had an internet outage for the last four days so no posts for me! I see B@ttsman and Doegab handled things while I was gone... or did they? Turns out, I left this place in the hands of fools. It would seem that Doegab has decided to make trouble and start a fight with B@ttsman and I WON'T TOLERATE IT. Here at Installation 04, we pride ourselves in being a team effort or some such nonsense. So, I don't want any trouble when I'm not around, got that? That's right, I'm publically calling you out! Watcha gonna do about it? I OWN you. Punks.

Now that that's out of the way, I want to say that we only want to deliver quality material to the fans, so I don't want this to be a place for the staff to fight. With that being said, Anime-Media.com is an excellent sight for anime. It's got more episodes than Anime Viewer and is slightly easier to navigate than Anime Crazy. There, I win. Problem solved. Plus, I am master of this domain and anyone who says otherwise will suffer a horrible fate filled with mimes and kiwi fruit.


June 5, 2008

Gantz!! (one of the most intense animes no one has heard about)

Warning: Gantz is not an anime for children or for people who don't like originality!!!
Gantz is by far the anime that has taken all the cliche anime quirks and perks and done the complete opposite. For example, You no when your watching an anime and the main character somehow inherits some great power? And right of the bat they are able to use it and beat up bad guys that would have exploded there brains if they had come a few days earlier. But, What would happen if the main characters obtain a great power, a power that is the only thing saving them from sudden doom? But, they have no idea of how to use it. Would they turn on each other due to frustration? Or just go crazy due to all of the weird events? Well if that sounds like it would make the plot extreme and intense, IT DOES!!!

As far as I'm concerned Gantz does not really have a main character but alot of characters whose story's intertwine, but if I had to choose one character to be the main one it would be Kei Kurono. On the first episode Kei Kurono is on his way home from school when a drunk hobo falls on the tracks of the subway, people just stand there watching him on the tracks because they are afraid to go and help him because of the trains that pass(symbolism:evilness of man). While Kei Kurono gets fed up with how no one is helping this man he goes down to help and along with him Kato an old friend of Kurono. They save the hobo but get run over by a train in the process, yup that's right the two main characters are dead in the first episdoe..... BUT,that's ok because in order to play the "Game" Gantz you must be dead. You see when kurono and his friends die they get transported to a room with other people who have died that day and are forced to play a game in which they must kill aliens for the government, the problem is it's real and they don't get instructions. The characters are given sweatsuits that no one wants to wear because they look silly, but the people who wear them ussually come back to the room (because the suits give them power, so they don't die). This is just a brief synopsis of the anime because I find it to amazing to give away anymore of its great plot and underlying meanings. But if you want an anime that will make you think, and is drastically different from the "popular" anime's Gantz is something you should check out. I give it a 9.9 out of 10.

here's the site with all the episodes: http://www14.alluc.org/alluc/anime.html?action=getviewcategory&category_uid=43366&from=all

June 4, 2008

My animie site > B@ttsman's animie site

It's true
http://www.animeviewer.net/ > http://www.animecrazy.net/

1) Better format

2) More selection

3) More user friendly

Sorry B@ttsman I had to point it out =p

Awsome site for any writters

Has a load of "generators" that generate names, races, magic, and all types of various elements for a story. I usually don't take the same names they generate, but when I see a name that I like, it will useually give me that spark of creativeness I need to write a good story.


June 2, 2008

DBU is back in your interwebz

Dragonball Unlimited is back online and good to go. New episodes have now begun, and more will be coming now on a regular basis. If you're a fan of Dragonball, check it out. Hell, check it out even if you're not a fan!