June 20, 2008

Spore Impressions

I've had some time to play with the Spore Creature Creator, and I must say it's just as good as you thought it was. The creator is just as easy to use as it looks. Basically, the game gives you a randomly shaped lump of "clay" with a spine attached. You can mold the clay into whatever shape you choose by manipulating spine. You can make it longer or shorter, bend it into any shape you choose, and even change the thickness of the vertebrae. Once you have your desired body shape, you can attach any of the 228 parts to your creature. You can alter the appearance of these parts as well to make your creature even more unique. Before you test out your creature, you'll want to color it. You can pick from a variety of coats and combine them with your own color choices for nearly infinite combinations. Though just a portion of the full game, the Creature Creator is great fun and has near infinite replayability. When the full game comes out on September 7th, you can upload the creatures you've created ahead of time for use in the full game.

Here are just a few of my favorite creatures that I've created:

Fat-Bellied Kroff
The first creature I made was the Fat-Bellied Kroff. Not only was this the first, but in my opinion, it remains one of my best. This thing is basically just a camel thing with a shell and a funny tail. Simple, but awesome.

I call this one the rejected Pokemon. It's some kind of biped mole with moose antlers. The best part about Molemoose is how he actually animates in the game. It's really funny to watch him walk around.

Greater Jube
With this, I tried to make something just about as tall as I could get. Greater Jube is almost maximum height. His tail came out accidentally awesome. It was intended to be a single tail, but it ended up splitting in two at the end. I also had a hard time hiding the mouth (a necessity for all Spore creatures) but I somehow made it completely ivisible.

Ivory Grogg

I wanted to create something that had wings and arms for legs. I ended up the the Ivory Grog- a creature whose hooves are pure ivory, and whose blood is pure grog.

Duck-Billed Spruce Brod
The Duck-Billed Spruce Brod is one of my most popular creations for some reason. It's a tiny flying fish creature with a duck bill and coral on its back.


This massive guy has rocks on its back that smaller creatures seek refuge in. Although he's not very popular, I like him for whatever reason.

Mossy Kruger

I sure use the letter "K" a lot, huh? Anyway, this is my latest creation. It's basically some kind of weird camel alpaca with a mossy back.


Heh. Ah, yes- the Shmutomi; simple minded creatures that use their four arms to build simple lumber villages.

Lesser Jube

The Lesser Jube is the shorter relative of the Greater Jube. I actually like this guy more than the other one. I did have a hard time hiding the mouth, though. It came off looking like a layer of fat around the neck, which is exactly how I described it.


Finally, is the Woil. This thing my most popular creation to date. I actually worked on this guy for quite some time before I was happy with it. He underwent numerous transformations, but ended up being a two-legged cross between a hound and a crocodile with a spiky tail.

Remember to check out Sporepedia for over 700,000 creations. You can see my creatures here and Doegab's here. A few of mine mentioned here, as well as some of my other creations, are saved under Doegab's account.

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