October 31, 2005

WOW expansion

Go to this link to see all the new features about the WOW expansion a.k.a. the "Burning Crusade"

This expansion will include new dungeons, a new type of trade skill, new areas( including outland), a new level cap (level 70), aerial mounts, and finally two new races. For the horde the Blood Elves, once loyal to the Alliance they have given up their old ways and joined the Horde. The Alliance race is TBA but currently is though to be Panderns a mighty warrior panda race. Hopefully the expansion will be released next year sometime and for more infor vist this site

October 30, 2005

Hey guys I just wanted to show you my new blog http://realmofdoegab.blogspot.com/

I think that it is important that members of gameweb have their own page for open criticism, fans, or questions from anyone who happens to stumble upon game web. Also remember to visit my blog for the "Game of the Month". If you want more details on this event that I am doing just take a look at my blog.

P.S. I need a catch-phrase for my name "Doegab" if you have a good one please send it to the e-mail address on the site

October 22, 2005

Mario Kart DS track listing!

All the tracks for Mario Kart DS have been reviled!

First, we have Retro Mode full of classic tracks:

Shell Cup
Mario Circuit 1 (SNES)
Moo Moo Farm (N64)
Peach Circuit (GBA)
Luigi Circuit (GCN)

Banana Cup
Donut Plains 1 (SNES)
Frappe Snowland (N64)
Bowser Castle 2 (GBA)
Baby Park (GCN)

Leaf Cup
Koopa Beach 2 (SNES)
Choco Mountain (N64)
Luigi Circuit (GBA)
Mushroom Bridge (GCN)

Lightning Cup
Choco Island 2 (SNES)
Banshee Boardwalk (N64)
Sky Garden (GBA)

Then there's Nitro Mode full of new tracks:

Mushroom Cup
Figure-8 Circuit
Yoshi Falls
Cheep Cheep Beach
Luigi's Mansion

Flower Cup
Desert Hills
Delfino Square
Waluigi Pinball
Shroom Ridge

Star Cup
DK Pass
Tick-Tock Clock
Mario Circuit
Airship Fortress

Special Cup
Wario Stadium
Peach Gardens
Bowser Castle
Rainbow Road

November 14th can't come soon enough!

Animal Crossing playtest!

No, not me! Still, it's very informative and gives tons of juicy details on all the new stuff in the game. Read it here: http://www.animalxing.com/articles/acdsdemo.php.

October 18, 2005

That's right! More Nintendo WiFi info!

Nintendo announced today a partnership with the company Wayport to offer free WiFi connections in McDonalds restaurants. This is great news! Or, it would be if I liked McDonalds.

In other news, Nintendo has also announced a Mario Kart DS bundle to be released November 28. The bundle will include a copy of the game, plus a new "Hot Rod Red" colored DS.

October 15, 2005

A rare treat!

To go along with Feel Good Inc., I've gone on a search for more Gorillaz and I found their very first video! Enjoy Clint Eastwood!

Seriously, you have no idea how hard that was to find! I'm working on 19/2000. Oh, and you'll need Real Player to watch that.

October 14, 2005

Music Vid of the Week

One of my all-time favorites!

The codes are giving me problems, so instead of a pop-up window, here's a link directly to the vid: http://www.videocodezone.com/videos/g/gorillaz/feel_good_inc.html

October 11, 2005

Doegab is Back and with a Review on Rome Total War

Rome Total War is like no other staggered game you will ever see to this date. I got to try the Roman level picking the House of Julius as my side. The house of Julius profile gets the best starting point at the top of Italy. Immediately as soon as the game started I rallied my forces and went to crush the Gaul rebels as a mission from the Senate (as a bonus I got to keep all the territory I conquered). I quickly crushed the opposition using supreme tactics employed by no other strategies game, and conquered all of Europe defeating the Gauls and fighting of the German rebels. However in by doing so I became a concern of the Senate. They thought I had too much power, refusing to give me any place in the Senate offices until the middle of the game where they gave me meager jobs. I was in fury, I had conquered all the lands they told me too and had the most territory reaching from the southern edge of Spain to northen parts of Asia and finally some parts of Egypt. But I knew they were scared, it was only a matter of time before the Senate crumbles. Once that is done I can overtake them! A mad but devious plan. Although I had to gain popularity first. I then bough some lands from the rebels in Asia and even bought some lands from the house of Brutis in Greece. The senate was infuriated! They scorned at me ordering to return the lands, then there were riots. But in a few years (or should I say turns) all was well. Only the north most part of Spain was unconquerable. Egypt was finished and the Germans were hunted down like the scum they are. I would have played longer but my friend had to leave with his game. But I will continue my exploits of my power tomorrow I will conquer BUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

October 10, 2005

Wild World scans and WiFi info!

These new scans of Animal Crossing: Wild World reveal a lot about the game, despite being in Japanese. It reveals some new neighbors, new locations, and tons of new screens!

Remember, Nintendo launches it's free WiFi service on November 14 alongside the releases of Mario Kart DS and Tony Hawk's American Sk8land. Animal Crossing will be available December 5.





Oh, and don't worry if you don't have a WiFi connection, Nintendo will be selling WiFi connectors that you can plug into your computer's USB port.

October 6, 2005

Cheese Squish!

Woot! Trying out the new Blogger for Word thingy! I guess we’ll see if it works, but until then: go eat some cheese squish! 

October 1, 2005


I've compiled a list of the best nicknames from http://rumandmonkey.com. Enjoy!

Arthurion The Dragonchild, Spiffo the PearMan, The One Known As To Be Reckoned With, The Regal Worthington E. MacHaggardstien, blasto rust the supremo metal-avenger, gebunge flunge, Crestegretch, Secondary Assasination System, Sándor Gedeon, Hootie The Tangerine, Zootie The Lawnmower, Springy The Spoon, swashbuckling bertie the landlord, emperor seth the tyrranical master of cruelty and oppression, and Capt. Strange the Shiny.

And some band names:
Claustrophobic Stepchildren, and Beat em Up Kitten.


"Goodnight Goodnight" By Hot Hot Heat

It's all part of the new weekly feature: Music Video of the Week! Enjoy!

French snails

French snails are flying into the abyss of the Monochrome Lamas. If they succeed you will be terminated. Do you accept the mission of doom? Excellent! We must suit up! Quick, into the flying sanitation truck! Blast off for adventure!

Look! Crazy midget basketball!

That's just to catch your attention. Worked didn't it? My real message is one of heartfelt importance. Nah, I'm just kidding. I really have nothing to talk about. Well, that's the post of the random day!