May 23, 2005

E3 2005 in review

Another year, another E3. This year, however, was the biggest, most anticipated E3 in years. That's because this year was all about new consoles. So let's get started, shall we?

Everything you want to know:

Microsoft really had to perform this year. The 360 is due out in November, so it was important for people to get a good impression of the new system. I think they pulled it off. I was reading some hands on impressions of some 360 games. Definitely positive. I think the best were Perfect Dark Zero and Gears of War. There was also an incredible seven minute trailer for Dark Sector. I think that game is really going to be something. For more info on the Xbox 360 and it's games go here:

For the regular Xbox, some cool games were shown off. Nothing mind-blowing, though. A definite highlight was Burnout Revenge. I suggest you go to for some hands on impressions of Burnout and more.

Sony showed off the PS3 this year in addition to new stuff for the PS2 and the PSP. They really had their hands full! As far as the PS3 goes, the system was shown in prototype form...and I hate it! The system is an odd un-stackable round-on-one-side thing; and the controller is a boomerang! The inside however is very powerful. More powerful even than the 360. Of course that's just because it comes out a year later. One of the most impressive looking games is Mobile Suit Gundam Also announced was Devil May Cry 4 Tekken was also very impressive

Nothing spectacular really happened for the PS2. The PSP, however, had a great lineup! In addition to Burnout Legends, Daxter was playable. You play as Daxter, Jak's side kick. The game takes place between the first two Jak games; while Jak is being held prisoner. for more. Ratchet, Jak, Kingdom Hearts and Soul Caliber were also shown for the PS2.

Once again, I have to say that Nintendo stole the show. They always have the best lineup of games. The big game this year was The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Feel free to check out the incredible trailer for your self:

Of course, Nintendo showed off the Revolution...but not in full. Nintendo refused to show off the controller, claiming we'd see it...later. The Revolution is, however, my favorite looking of all three systems. It's just the size of three DVD cases stack on top of each other. In terms of games, Nintendo did not disappoint. They said the Revolution would have a new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, and, of course, Smash Brothers-online! Also, the Revolution will be able to play every Nintendo game ever made! It'll play gamecube games out of the box, and others through downloadable files of SD cards.

Nintendo's best line up was for the DS. They showed: Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid Pinball, Mario Kart, The NEW Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing, Mario & Luigi 2, Elecroplancton, Nintendogs, and more! should have medial for all those games.

Nintendo also showed a new Gameboy. The Gameboy Micro. It's a GBA redesigned (again), but really, really, small. It'll also have removable face plates.

If you're looking for screens, check out IGN. They also have exclusive vidios. For trailers, check out Download the Dark Sector trailer here:

E3 '05

Sorry, I thought it would be easier to post everything after E3 was over. Check out Gameweb:Viewpoint for the E3 review.

May 10, 2005

Pre E3- First Perfect Dark Zero details

Those lucky enough to attend the MTV taping were in for a treat. They got to play Perfect Dark Zero. Now, they've described their experience, and given us the first details on the game!

"Descriptions of a realistic-looking ("Halo 2-like graphics") Perfect Dark Zero, apparently in playable alpha. An excited member of the PMS Clan excitedly mentioned a "Counter-Strike" feel, though with the addition of stealth elements similar to Splinter Cell. The game will apparently offer more than 22 different weapons ("Every kind of thing that your trigger finger would feel comfortable shooting is in that game"), including a gun which turns the player invisible. She also mentioned a jet-pack of sorts used to fly around a level.

E3- No Revolution, new Gameboy instead

Recently, reports from have stated that Nintendo will not show off the Revolution to the public, but will show it in video form. Instead, Nintendo will unveil a new Gameboy; the Gameboy Advance2. It's an update of the original GBA, but with an MP3/video player and built in wireless functions. How useless. And here we all thought Nintendo would show the next-gen Gameboy that could play Gamecube games. (mock-up of Gamecube player)

DS- Black and White

A DS version of the game Black and White is in the works. Entitled Black and White Creatures, the game will be original rather than a port. It will utilize the touch screen as well as the microphone. It'll also have new modes, such as a multiplayer mode in which you battle your creatures. Not only that, but it looks pretty good too!

May 9, 2005

New next-gen trailers

Some new trailers for you all of some next-gen games for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

First, we have Dark Sector: in WMV
and Quicktime:
Personally, I'm real excited about this one! I hope it'll be an 360(and PS3) launch title!

Next, there is Alan Wake for the 360: and for WMV.
Not much in this one, but beautiful nonetheless.

Finally, there's Demonik for the PS3 and 360: and
No comment.








There. Proof enough for you Raider Bear? It's also been discovered that this: is in fact, the official logo. Also, the logo on the controller serves as some sort of button.

But that's not all! reviled that the 360 will have a removable face plate as seen in this odd picture of the power button surrounded by different designs:


UPDATE: In this description of the MTV special, the release date of November '05 is given:

"This special highlights the exciting new generation of XBOX. Packages include: Tours of the design labs Interviews with the designers Behind-the-scenes and inside scoop Never-before-seen footage of new videogames. Trailers of the newest games that are due out in November for the new XBOX. The next generation will be revealed at an event at the Avalon club in LA, hosted by Elijah Wood and featuring performances by The Killers and Snow Patrol."

May 6, 2005

Preview- DBZ Sparking

Imagine the perfect Dragonball game. A game with every character and major plot point ever. Now imagine it's real. Guess what? It is! This fall, DBZ fans will get the game they've always wanted: Dragonball Z Sparking!

Despite the odd name, this game will have everything a fan could ask for. One of the most welcomed additions is Jenemba, the villain from the 12th movie in Japan. Expect him along with over 60 other characters including Chaozu, the entire Ginuyu Force, and the Ouzaru forms of all the Saiyans (and hopefully all the characters from Budokai 3 plus some of my favorites: Bojack, Nova Shenron, Baby Vegeta, Vegeta Jr., Goku Jr., Super 17, Tapion, Turles, Evil Buu, and anyone else they feel would be cool. Like, say, more crazy fusions?).

The controls have also been revamped to include free-flight! This will make for more realistic battling. The rest of the buttons now also perform different actions. For instance, the triangle button is now used for an energy blast rather than a kick.

For more info and screens head on over to

Burnout Revenge and Burnout Legends

Two new Burnout Games! Revenge for the PS2 and Xbox and Legends for the PSP. Check 'em out here: and

DBZ Sparking

I'll soon have a preview up of the new DBZ game announced today over at Gameweb:Viewpoint. Check it out! It's awesome!

Xbox 360 logo...again!?

Stop the presses! Another (alternate) Xbox 360 logo has shown up! I like the other one better, if you ask me. Which will it be? Guess we'll have to wait two weeks to find out!

May 5, 2005

Xbox 360 logo!?

Now, someone tell me why it's called an Xbox if the logo is a circle.

May 4, 2005

New picture of 360 prototype controller

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Notice how there is no logo. This suggests that it's a prototype. Also, note the cord that wasn't in the other picture.

May 2, 2005

Splinter Cell DS

Good news for Splinter Cell fans, Splinter Cell DS has been announced! The first shot, though blurry, shows that it will not be a 2D side scroller as previously thought.