February 16, 2006

Bye-bye forums

The Gameweb Forums are now officially permanently closed because, for some reason, they're gone. Don't ask me why, I'm just as confused as you. Therefore, Gameweb will no longer have forums unless they are requested. In that case, I'd find another host. You'll notice the link's gone from the sidebar. Maybe it's for the best. No one used them anyway...

Bomberman's back too!

A new Bomberman game was announced a while back for the Xbox 360. Now I bring you the first ever screens of Bomberman: Act Zero. You probably expect some kiddy cell shaded quirk-fest with fuzzy little sidekicks. Well let me tell you, the series has received a complete overhaul. Only the very basic gameplay has been kept intact. In fact, you won't even recognize Bomberman. With out further rambling, I present (the now much cooler) Bomberman: Act Zero.

(Warning: May cause your eyes to explode- I know mine did. You're not going to believe it. Seriously, it's that different.)

Earthbound is back!

I present to you the first screens of Earthbound 3:

It'll be available soon on the GBA... in Japan.

News bits

Some news bits from the past weeks:
  • Shaun White is getting his own next-gen game (knew it!)
  • Lego Starwars 2 announced!
  • The DS will be getting a web browser and a TV tuner in Japan.
  • Metroid Prime Hunters will have voice chat!
  • Halo 2 has been announced for the PC. It will be available this fall, but will only run on the new operating system Windows Vista.
  • The Halo 2 Soundtrack: Volume 2 will be available first quarter this year! A new book is also in the works.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is coming to DVD and UMD April 25!
  • The New Super Mario Brothers will be available in May for Japan.
  • Mech Assault is coming to the DS!
  • DS Lite colors revealed: Dark Blue, Light Blue, and White.

February 3, 2006


Finally! From Dimps, creators of the first three Budokai games, comes Shin Budokai. It's basically like a portable version of Budokai 3. It'll have eighteen playable characters and a brand new level based on the new Janemba movie (he's a playable character)! Pikkon will also be playable in addition to fusions and various Super Saiyan forms. The best part? It'll be available in March!!!!!