June 26, 2007

Screw Korn!

The new They Might Be Giants album comes out before Korn's! July 10th! Heres the odd cover:

Screw Nintendo handhelds

I remember when i got my first gameboy. It was a turqoise gameboy color and my grandma had gotten it for me for Christmas. Then later when the game boy advance came out i got it to. On both these systems my first two games where pokemon blue and yellow (for gameboy color); silver and crystal (for gameboy advanced)

Then i got pissed

I realized than in order to play my beloved pokemon games i would have to upgrade my gameboy almost every year! At least gaming consles last for about four years, but handhelds your lucky if they last half a year! And then once they move on to the newest gameboy ur stuck with playing my little horny, strawberry shortcakes fruitylicious party games, and sluty 10 year old bratz games where puberiscent pre-teens attpempt to get guys attentions by showing off their flat undeveloped bodies making them likely targets for child molesters and rapist (oh boy!).

However the real reason i came here was to praise what might what might be the greatest download in the histroy of the internet.


ROMS (Read-Only Memory programs) are free downloadable gba games that have been made available for the computer. I garuntee you that you can find any game that was ever made on a gba online and download it. However these ROMS will only work with a gba program which really isn't a problem since there are so many of them . The one i recomend is http://vba.ngemu.com/.

Also need a site for ROMS? http://gba-rom-news.org/

Support ROMS!

Mmmm.. corn

KoRn's untiled 8th album releases July 31st! Check out the disturbing yet strangely intriguing and awesome album cover:

OMG!? A new post?

That's right! Prepare to be entertained with the story of Doosh-Bah and Smearbob!

Characters created by The One Known as to be Reckoned With and Doegab, respectively.
Story by N-man.

Doosh-Bah and Smearbob were friends. They'd been friends ever since Smearbob saved Doosh-Bah's life. You see, one day, on the 32nd of Feburary, Doosh-Bah was out for his yearly stroll throught the nuclear fish house. Smearbob just happened to be delivering an order of prickled haring when he saw a large noise. He quickly sprouted wings and flew into the sky for a better look, all the while holding on to his delivery for dear life. Unfortunately, a squirrel strapped to a firework shot through the sky and sent Smearbob falling to the Earth. You see, Smearbob and the fish house were on the moon and now he had been sent falling to earth.

It turns out the noise Smearbob saw was actually a headless raisin. It happened to be walking by when Smearbob fell onto it. The raisin casually strolled back to the moon with Smearbob in hand. Meanwhile, Doosh-Bah was just exiting the fish house when the nuclear waste started to chase him. It ripped open space and they were all transported to the year 2. Doosh-Bah started to have an asthma attack, but unluckily Smearbob didn't care. The headless raisin gave Doosh-Bah CPR and all was right in the world.

Then God descended from the Heavens and said, "Puppies are cute. I declare you two to be best friends. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late to my golf game with Thunder Thor." Then, God vanished. The Void of Crayold expanded into the rib shack and the world became 1% more chocolaty.

Of course, Doosh-Bah and Smearbob don't remember this event because they're memories were wiped by the MIB: the Mexicans in Boots. They re-met each other at a game of golf with The Great Pork Malorphers and Oscar the angry badger many years later. It turned out Doosh was a friend with Oscar who's cousin was in the Pork Malorphers and who's aunt knew Micky's niece who was Smearbob's sister who invited him to take her place in the golf game because she hates yogurt.

And so, Doosh-Bah and Smearbob hit it off. They talked about alphabetical socks for 45 hours straight and were friends ever since!