April 27, 2008


When he descends, all will end.

Now that I've got your attention...

Posts will be sporadic for the next two weeks. Doegab's computer is busted and I've got exams and a trip coming up. Any posts will be short. Like this one. Anyway, enjoy these. I lolled. Hard.

Yes, that was real.

April 20, 2008

NY Comic Con Avatar Stuff

First, the trailer:

Next, a clip from episode 17, the last episode before the finale.

Hooray for shaky cam footage!

Though still no word on when new episode will start to air, we know the show will conclude this July.

April 19, 2008











April 18, 2008

SSBB: Character Analysis Samus

Well it's been a while since i made one of these posts. Anyway, in today's analysis we will be looking at the legendary space bounty hunter Samus. Samus is a really interesting because she is a heavy character with a strong ranged game and great versatility.

-Fairly Heavy
-Fairly Fast dashing
-Large arsenal of projectiles
-Long ranged grab

-Weak recovery
-Sluggish moves
-Grab is slow if misses
-Large target
-Projectiles can be reflected

Samus is a very veratile character. She has a strong ranged game which is complemented by her powerful ranged grab attack. The ledgendary bounty hunter has the best of both worlds in a sense since she can duke it out with heavier characters due to her size and weight and then use her ranged attacks against faster characters to keep them off balance. The space bounty hunter will do amazing against other heavy characters and any character weak to projectiles.

Samus has some serious disadvantages however. Samus is a very sluggish character, she moves are slow and even her projectiles tend to be slow so they can be easily avoided. To be honest, the bounty hunter's ranged game can be easily ruined by a character with reflectors or fast projectiles that can counter her missiles and energy blasts. This is one of the main reasons why Samus has a hard time playing against Pit who is not only faster than her but has abilities to completely ruin her ranged game. And even though Samus is a heavy character, once she gets hit off the stage there is not much of a chance of her getting back on due to her poor recovery.

Summary: A powerful, versatile ranged bounty hunter who uses her ranged game to weaken her opponents and then knock them out from up close. Does well versus many characters, but will do very poorly against character with reflectors and good edge guarding ability.

Counter with: Pit, Ness, Fox,

Do not use against: Captain Falcon, Donkey Kong, Yoshi

Final Review:

Learning curve: 6- Samus is above average in learning curve

Power: 7- Samus has above average power

Speed: 4- Good dashing speed, but sluggish attacks

Throws: 5- Her throws are ranged but if they miss they hinder her

Final Score: 7.5

April 16, 2008

Oblivion Custom Class Ideas

I know what you guys are thinking, why the hell is Doegab making a post on Oblivion? That game is like a year old! Well I'm doing it for two reasons, the main reason is that I picked up Oblivion the other day and was looking for new ways to play through it. The second reason is that I ran out of ideas of what to write about.

If anyone has any interesting class ideas just drop me a comment or email.

First off a whole bunch of custom classes here


(RP= role playing)

My custom class ideas:

Shaman: A shaman is the spiritual leader of his tribe or clan. Shamans command the powers of nature to damage their foes and heal their allies. And while proficient in magic, Shamans are also powerful foes in melee battles often wielding axes or hammers to strike down enemies.

Main Attributes: Strength, Will power

Skills: Blunt, Alchemy, Destruction, Restoration, Light Armor, Conjuration, Block.


RP races: Dark Elf, Orc, Argonian,Wood Elves, Khajiit

Best Races: Dark Elf, Breton, Orc,

Dark Elves are the best race to pick simply since there skill bonuses and stats work the best with hybrid classes such as the Shaman. However, if you want a Shaman with the max amount of magika power then chose a Breton with the apprentice sign. If you want a Shaman who is more combat oriented chose an Orc with the Lady sign.

RP notes:

-Shamans usually come from a bestial race who tend to be more in touch with nature. Wood Elves and Dark Elves also tend to be partial to nature and will work as well.

-If you are RPing you should only summon elemental nature creatures such as the Frost Atronach or Fire Atronach.

Shadow Monk: The Shadow Monks are some of the most respected and feared beings in all of Tamriel. Like most monks they practice hand to hand combat and are master in the healing arts of restoration. However, unlike most Monks they are also trained assassins and masters of stealth. Most Shadow Monks are usually found in the thieves guild, using there skills to help the poor. However, there have been rumors of some Shadow Monks going renegade and using their abilities to aid the Dark Brotherhood....

Main attributes : Agility, Speed

Skills: Hand to Hand, Athletics, Block, Alchemy, Restoration, Acrobatics, Sneak.


RP races: Any race

Best races: Khajiit, Argonian, Wood Elf

Stat wise, Wood Elves and Male Argonians have slightly better stats than the Khajiit. However, the Khajiit have much better skill bonuses for this class than the two other races so they are the best choice. Argonians and Wood Elves have nearly identical stats, but the Argonians have better skill bonuses which make them the better choice in the end.

RP notes:
-If you really want to pull off the Monk look wear robes, the only real monk robes in the whole game however are the Ancestor Months monks robes. Personally, I don't think they look that great and my favorite robes are either the Mythic Dawn Robes (with some enchants applied of course) or the dark Brotherhood Silencer robes.

The Colossal: Colossal are a casters worst nightmare. These beings are not only incredibly strong, but also completely immune to magic. Colossal where and still are a rarity inTamerial, but the legends they carved out within the realm where never forgotten. Entire groups of mages have fallen to the might of one Colossal, and although one has not been seen in the last one hundred years in Tamriel, many people know that they are real and that one might have just of recently escaped from the Imperial prison...

Main attributes: Strength, Endurance

Skills: Blunt, Armorer, Block, Athletics, Heavy armor, Restoration, Mysticism.

Sign: Atronach

Rp races: Orcs, Nord, Redguard

Best Races: Orc, Nord, Breton

The Orc has slightly inferior melee stats to the Nord, but better bonus stats and better casting stats which make him the best choice. Breton have far weaker melee stats than the two races but have better caster stats, caster bonuses, and magic resistances. It is recommended that you chose on of these three races if you are not Rping since they all have resistance to magic bonuses.

Rp notes:

-I use the rp races I listed above because all of them have a natural hate for magika.

-If you are going to Rp the only magic Colossal should use are restoration and mysticism. Restoration to heal him or herself and mysticism to become even more powerful against spells and hunt down enemies.

Random Video for Today

Words simply cannot describe the following music video. You have been warned.

April 14, 2008

Review: Patapon

And... we're back! On a side note, we've had about another 130 hits in the last 13 days. What. The. Hell.

A... unique adventure.

Patapon is certainly a different game. I suppose you could call it a strategy game, but not in the traditional sense. Really, it's a rhythm-based strategy game that plays in real time. I know what you're thinking, "What?". It actually works really well. Allow me to explain. In Patapon, you are in indirect control of the Patapons, little eyeball people with weapons. Your objective is to lead the Patapon to Earthend so they can find "IT". On your journey you must battle terrible creatures and the ruthless Zigoton army (red eyeballs). You control your troops by beating a war drum. There are four distinct beats that are mapped to the four face buttons. All you have to do is beat them in time to make the Patapons do stuff. For example if you hit square (the "pata" sound) followed by circle (the "pon" sound) then your troops will march. You beat the drum for a measure, the Patapons do what you say, you beat the drum again, etc. The longer you keep the beat going without screwing up, the longer your combo will become. When you reach a certain combo number (depending on the mission) the Patapons will enter into fever mode. When in fever mode, the Patapons will increase in strength, agility, and defense and you also gain the ability to use juju which has a wide variety of effects depending on which juju you have equipped.

When you first start out, you'll have an army of three spear-throwing Patapons and a leader whose job is to hold the flag. You'll unlock more ranks of Patapons as you progress (like archers, and warriors) which you can birth using materials collected on the battlefield. The higher quality the materials, the stronger the Patapon you will create. Different ranks require different materials to create, but all require cha-ching (money). You can collect money by defeating enemies. Really, the weapons, materials, and money you receive depends solely on what enemies drop (which is to say, completely random). When your not battling your way to Earthend, you can play minigames (rhythm-based, of course) to get items, or go hunting to get food. You can use food ingredients to birth Patapons or to cook food which powers up your troops. Before heading out on a mission you can equip Patapons, juju, and reposition troops to your liking.

The entire feel of the game reminds me of tribal Australia. Strange, yet true. From the stylized 2D visuals to the excellent music everything feels very tribal. Did I mention the game was in 2D? Well, it is and the entire game is side scrolling. It sounds strange, and to be fair it is a very strange game, but for some reason I simply can't put it down. Plus, it's only 20 bucks. Just make sure your not rhythmically impaired.

Visuals: 9
Controls: 10
Sound: 10
Replay Value: 9
Overall: 9/10

A great, quirky, and surprisingly deep portable adventure... as long as you're the musical type.

April 3, 2008

The most elaborate April Fool's joke ever

Behold it!

Yes, unfortunately that's fake. Twas a prank by IGN 3 months in the making. However, again unfortunately, an actual independent movie is being made. It's absolutely nothing like the fake trailer above. It sucks. Too bad we have to be stuck with the bad movie rather than the fake, good one. Oh, well. Maybe some day...

April 2, 2008

The story of Jorban the Magical Wizard

There once lived a kindly wizard named Jorban. Jorban loved children. In fact, he loved children so much that he would invite all the children in the Magic Forest to his place every night for a bedtime story. Jorban's Place was a place of enchanted bliss, full of all the things little kids loved: sugarpops, gumdrops, teddy bears, ponies and mares, trinkets, toys, and fruit pulp. All the children would skip on over to Jorban's place and play in his puddles of chocolate sauce and climb his castles of pretzel sticks. They would play for hours and hours and Jorban would watch them from his bathroom window with a smile on his face. When the sun began to set, Jorban would invite the children into his home for magical story time. He would tell them of enchanted puppets and floating unicorns in the night, of rainbow magpies and fearless knights, of cozy beds and sweet dreams, and distant places like the Philippines. Finally, it was time for sleep. Jorban would give the children some special red punch and invite them into his room. Jorban's room was very large. There were hundreds of tiny beds for all the children and right in the middle was Jorbans. He tucked the children in and kissed them goodnight. Then he turned out the lights and the real fun began. The children sank into a land of dreams with Jorban as their guide. They dreampt about the stories and events of the day and began to feel more and more happy. Jorban was there all the while watching, smiling. Finally, the children would enter a state of pure elation and then... they wake up very rested and in their own beds. Jorban, having been very pleased with the children's state of pleasure, returned them to their houses. Tomorrow night, they'll do it all over again!

April 1, 2008

Gameweb Viewpoint= Over

Go to Installation 4, our new blog, I'm posting this because I'm surprised to see the amount of hits on this site. Viewpoint is officially over, our new blog covers the same thing viewpoint did and much more

Another Smash?

In the wake of the ultra successful Super Smash Brothers Brawl, the next game in the series has accidentally been unveiled! Nintendo has kept under wraps Smash DS, a remake of the original game for the Nintendo DS. As it turns out, an early build of the game was leaked onto the internet and is available for download (where exactly I do not know). However, some fans have indeed downloaded the alpha build. This early build consists of an exact port of the original game running on a DS. Though the game is only in the early stages of development, Nintendo plans to, once they get the original base game running smoothly, upgrade it significantly with upgraded graphics, sound, and some new content in the form of new secret characters and stages. One can only assume that the touch screen will be used for analogue control, but who knows. Keep in mind that the details are lacking because Nintendo hasn't even officially announced the title. One can only assume that the guy who leaked the code onto the internet will indeed be fired. Regardless, this is great news for smash fans everywhere now that we know we can finally get out Smash fix on the go! Here's to hoping for online Wi-Fi matches!

Below you will find some footage uploaded to Youtube of the game in action. One video shows some fag playing the game with a shaky web cam just to prove it exists! I'm surprised that Nintendo hasn't found and removed these videos yet...


Wow. I.... just wow. 500 hits!? I simply can't believe it! I don't know what to say except... thanks! Wow, I just... I still can't believe we got 500 hits so fast! Seriously!? This is 100 times better than Gameweb ever did! Wow. Well, thanks everyone! We shall continue to bring you quality content so the hits keep coming! Here's to 500 more!