April 18, 2008

SSBB: Character Analysis Samus

Well it's been a while since i made one of these posts. Anyway, in today's analysis we will be looking at the legendary space bounty hunter Samus. Samus is a really interesting because she is a heavy character with a strong ranged game and great versatility.

-Fairly Heavy
-Fairly Fast dashing
-Large arsenal of projectiles
-Long ranged grab

-Weak recovery
-Sluggish moves
-Grab is slow if misses
-Large target
-Projectiles can be reflected

Samus is a very veratile character. She has a strong ranged game which is complemented by her powerful ranged grab attack. The ledgendary bounty hunter has the best of both worlds in a sense since she can duke it out with heavier characters due to her size and weight and then use her ranged attacks against faster characters to keep them off balance. The space bounty hunter will do amazing against other heavy characters and any character weak to projectiles.

Samus has some serious disadvantages however. Samus is a very sluggish character, she moves are slow and even her projectiles tend to be slow so they can be easily avoided. To be honest, the bounty hunter's ranged game can be easily ruined by a character with reflectors or fast projectiles that can counter her missiles and energy blasts. This is one of the main reasons why Samus has a hard time playing against Pit who is not only faster than her but has abilities to completely ruin her ranged game. And even though Samus is a heavy character, once she gets hit off the stage there is not much of a chance of her getting back on due to her poor recovery.

Summary: A powerful, versatile ranged bounty hunter who uses her ranged game to weaken her opponents and then knock them out from up close. Does well versus many characters, but will do very poorly against character with reflectors and good edge guarding ability.

Counter with: Pit, Ness, Fox,

Do not use against: Captain Falcon, Donkey Kong, Yoshi

Final Review:

Learning curve: 6- Samus is above average in learning curve

Power: 7- Samus has above average power

Speed: 4- Good dashing speed, but sluggish attacks

Throws: 5- Her throws are ranged but if they miss they hinder her

Final Score: 7.5

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