April 16, 2008

Oblivion Custom Class Ideas

I know what you guys are thinking, why the hell is Doegab making a post on Oblivion? That game is like a year old! Well I'm doing it for two reasons, the main reason is that I picked up Oblivion the other day and was looking for new ways to play through it. The second reason is that I ran out of ideas of what to write about.

If anyone has any interesting class ideas just drop me a comment or email.

First off a whole bunch of custom classes here


(RP= role playing)

My custom class ideas:

Shaman: A shaman is the spiritual leader of his tribe or clan. Shamans command the powers of nature to damage their foes and heal their allies. And while proficient in magic, Shamans are also powerful foes in melee battles often wielding axes or hammers to strike down enemies.

Main Attributes: Strength, Will power

Skills: Blunt, Alchemy, Destruction, Restoration, Light Armor, Conjuration, Block.


RP races: Dark Elf, Orc, Argonian,Wood Elves, Khajiit

Best Races: Dark Elf, Breton, Orc,

Dark Elves are the best race to pick simply since there skill bonuses and stats work the best with hybrid classes such as the Shaman. However, if you want a Shaman with the max amount of magika power then chose a Breton with the apprentice sign. If you want a Shaman who is more combat oriented chose an Orc with the Lady sign.

RP notes:

-Shamans usually come from a bestial race who tend to be more in touch with nature. Wood Elves and Dark Elves also tend to be partial to nature and will work as well.

-If you are RPing you should only summon elemental nature creatures such as the Frost Atronach or Fire Atronach.

Shadow Monk: The Shadow Monks are some of the most respected and feared beings in all of Tamriel. Like most monks they practice hand to hand combat and are master in the healing arts of restoration. However, unlike most Monks they are also trained assassins and masters of stealth. Most Shadow Monks are usually found in the thieves guild, using there skills to help the poor. However, there have been rumors of some Shadow Monks going renegade and using their abilities to aid the Dark Brotherhood....

Main attributes : Agility, Speed

Skills: Hand to Hand, Athletics, Block, Alchemy, Restoration, Acrobatics, Sneak.


RP races: Any race

Best races: Khajiit, Argonian, Wood Elf

Stat wise, Wood Elves and Male Argonians have slightly better stats than the Khajiit. However, the Khajiit have much better skill bonuses for this class than the two other races so they are the best choice. Argonians and Wood Elves have nearly identical stats, but the Argonians have better skill bonuses which make them the better choice in the end.

RP notes:
-If you really want to pull off the Monk look wear robes, the only real monk robes in the whole game however are the Ancestor Months monks robes. Personally, I don't think they look that great and my favorite robes are either the Mythic Dawn Robes (with some enchants applied of course) or the dark Brotherhood Silencer robes.

The Colossal: Colossal are a casters worst nightmare. These beings are not only incredibly strong, but also completely immune to magic. Colossal where and still are a rarity inTamerial, but the legends they carved out within the realm where never forgotten. Entire groups of mages have fallen to the might of one Colossal, and although one has not been seen in the last one hundred years in Tamriel, many people know that they are real and that one might have just of recently escaped from the Imperial prison...

Main attributes: Strength, Endurance

Skills: Blunt, Armorer, Block, Athletics, Heavy armor, Restoration, Mysticism.

Sign: Atronach

Rp races: Orcs, Nord, Redguard

Best Races: Orc, Nord, Breton

The Orc has slightly inferior melee stats to the Nord, but better bonus stats and better casting stats which make him the best choice. Breton have far weaker melee stats than the two races but have better caster stats, caster bonuses, and magic resistances. It is recommended that you chose on of these three races if you are not Rping since they all have resistance to magic bonuses.

Rp notes:

-I use the rp races I listed above because all of them have a natural hate for magika.

-If you are going to Rp the only magic Colossal should use are restoration and mysticism. Restoration to heal him or herself and mysticism to become even more powerful against spells and hunt down enemies.


  1. Actually, it's two years old. Good to see you're posting again, though!

  2. wow that shaman thing is a ripoff. you basically copy/pasted that shaman description from the World of Warcraft hand book. gg nerd

  3. who cares where he got it from, as long as it works in oblivion i dont really care....besides WoW sucks anyway....so lame.

  4. It is based of the WOW shaman, perhaps I should include that in my description? I recommend you try the class out it's quite a unique game play experience.

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  6. I genrely think the collosal is useles against the other classes making him dead meat for bandits and marauders and deadra and arena fighters and guards and sometimes even battlemages

  7. I need to know what the best class is for a breton that has the sign of a mage...can anyone tell me?

  8. this seems intresting as im trying to make a enhancement shaman (from wow ofc) but wow does kinda suck but i always took a shine to that class so xD this should be fun

  9. WOW! That Shadow Monk really kicked ass! I'm really not a fan of alchemy, but it's fun enough. Keep this up, it's really helpful!

  10. would changing hand to hand to blade make a huge difference

  11. Ive wanted to try a shaman but wouldn't you need a tribe to lead??