May 31, 2012

|E3 2012| Blurry Halo 4 Gameplay

Below, you can see some blurry multiplayer footage of Halo 4 on the map Wraparound. It could be better, but it's not the most terrible quality I've ever seen. Anyway, it shows off some new guns as well as instant respawn. Check out that crazy grenade launching pistol thing at the end! (Video window kept small for quality reasons)

E3 Day -4

E3 has begun... four days early! Every day through the end of E3, Installation 04 will be posting all the latest news (plus rumors, leading up to the show) and videos, updated all day long! Today, there's some particularly good stuff. We've got the the first trailer of Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion, screens of Dead Space 3, and a pretty sweet new fighting game from the studio behind Mortal Kombat. Plus more!

May 22, 2012

Installed Base 02: The Xbox Sucks

This week on the show, I sat down with my old pal Battsman to play some video games and hilarity ensued. We've also got The Korra Korner, releases of the week, and a message to Toonami fans everywhere. Plus, some awesome music from Richie Branson.

Toonami is back, but it still needs your help

Yes, Toonami returns to the airwaves this Saturday night with an all-new lineup. But that doesn't mean you can just sit back and feel satisfied with yourself just yet. See, the budget for Toonami is very, very small. The April Fools' airing was meant as a one-time thing, but fan feedback and support was so overwhelmingly positive that the network decided to bring it back only nine weeks later. But now we have to prove that we meant it. Jason DeMarco, producer of Toonami for all 11 years of its previous run, is back behind the wheel and imploring fans to follow through. If they have the ratings, they'll get a bigger budget and this will literally build a better cartoon show, so to speak. So, what's in store for the star of this so called "experiment"?

May 18, 2012

Check This Out: Zelda on banjo and saw

These two country dudes play a variety of Zelda tunes with a banjo, saw, and a variety of weird keyboards. It works surprisingly well.

May 16, 2012



May 15, 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer now in ENGLISH!

So you can sort of understand what's going on. Well, you can understand the words coming out of their mouths at least.

May 14, 2012

Installed Base 01: The Phantom Mayonaise

Episode one is online now! Listen below and remember you'll be able to easily access all episodes and supplementary material at the Installed Base page.

May 8, 2012

Check This Out: Video game collage art

Somebody has given Waluigi some love!
A man by the name of Chris Lange has has created a variety of game-themed collage artwork, something you don't see every day or even associate with video games. It's good stuff, and pretty old school with mostly Punch-Out and Nintendo inspired creations. You can check out some of my favorites after the break, or view the whole gallery at his site.

May 6, 2012

Check This Out: Animal Crossing ALL the time!

Some dude by the name of Brian Lee made a website that plays Animal Crossing's hourly music and refreshes the song every hour. This is amazing. Now my everyday life can be as relaxing as Animal Crossing! Oh, by the way, it's music from the first game, which makes it automatically 10x better. Check it out!

Edit: Apparently, you can now switch between the music of the original and that of City Folk. Nice addition.

May 4, 2012

Introducing Installed Base Podcast!

Installed Base Podcast is a one-man podcast hosted by Fuzunga and currently entering into production. The first episode should be up by May 14th. For more information and future updates, see the Installed Base page that can be found all the way to the right of the menu bar. You'll be the first to know when episode one goes live!

Installed Base

It is coming. Prepare yourself.

May 1, 2012

The Mac version of Dusforce is broken... but you should still buy it

I picked up the just released Mac version of Dustforce today, the indie platformer about the war on filth. Unfortunately, the game is completely unplayable. It loads up and the sound works but... that's it. Apparently, I'm not alone with this problem and the devs say they're working on it. In the mean time, head on over to the Steam forums and give them your info if you're having the same problem. If you don't have the game but are interested in the Mac version, I suggest you pick it up anyway because it's part of Steam's midweek sale for the next two days. You might as well grab it while it's $5 and wait for the patch. Both versions were updated today with a new level editor.

There is a new RollerCoaster Tycoon coming May 22nd

Did you used to play the hell out of RollerCoaster Tycoon as a kid? Have you been missing the good 'ol days, wishing Atari would put out a new one? Well do I have news for you! RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D is slated for release on the 3DS May 22nd. The game has gotten zero publicity and that release date may not even stick, but it's good to know the franchise isn't forgotten. I personally loved these games and I'll probably pick this one up too to relive my childhood. It's being developed by n-Space currently working on Heroes of Ruin for the 3DS, and best known for their crazy experimental GameCube FPS Geist.