November 25, 2008

How do I find these things?

These types of things make me wonder about the world. And laugh out loud. It's Charlie the Unicorn.

Also, did anyone else notice that Youtube is now in widescreen?

November 17, 2008

A samurai takes knees in hell

I don't have time for a big update that I'm planning on doing when I get the time and I'm tired of keeping such an awesome video to myself. Battsman found this, so he should get credit. It's a German video about a samurai with English subtitles of what it sounds like they're saying. It's probably the greatest thing ever.

November 6, 2008

Banjo-Kazooie preview

After eight years (holy crap, its been that long!?) bear and bird are finally back again. I finally had the chance to play the game before its release next week and I have to say, I'm pleased. The concept for the game is really unique and innovative. Rather than having the old transformations to solve puzzles, you essentially create your own. In this way, there are literally hundreds and thousands of unique ways to complete a challenge. The portion I played was restricted only two a small portion of Showdown Town, the game's hub world, and a slimmed-down version of the first level. There was a considerable amount of customization to be had simply in this demo of the game.

Do not be fooled! This is still very much a Banjo game. Just about every important character and item remains from the days of old. Grunty's back, jinjos are back, notes are back, jiggies are back, hell, even Bottles is back (wasn't he dead?). As a fun throwback to the good 'ol days, the first level, Banjoland, is a mash-up of all of the two previous game's levels. Where the game differs is in gameplay. Showdown Town will largely have you traditionally platforming, but to complete challenges and earn precious jiggies, you'll need to build yourself a sweet ride. The game even encourages you to come back later to completed challenges and do them again when you have new vehical parts to break your old score.

So far, I'm enjoying the game. I like the new graphical style and the music is as awesome as ever. The level I played was massive, and that was only the first level! You need some sort of ride just to get around. The vehicle editor is very simple to use. It's like putting together legos. You simply stick pieces to other pieces. I expect the editor to become very deep once a plethora of parts become unlocked. Challenges themselves ranged from soccer, to racing, to fending off hordes of enemies. Nuts and Bolts is definitely shaping up to be a promising game, but sometimes I wonder how a new Banjo game would have turned out if Rare had stuck to the original formula. Regardless, there is something strangely addictive about the game that keeps me coming back for more. I'll have a full review soonish.

November 4, 2008

Congrats Mr. Obama!

Barack Obama is now officially the next president of the United States. He has made history by becoming the first black man to be elected president. Congratulations Barack!

But what makes Obama qualified to be our next president? The answer is simple really: Obama likes pie.

Truly a historic day indeed.

November 3, 2008

Buckets of LOL

I thought this video was too good and funny just to keep to myself

What Republicans believe the country will be like if Obama wins
What Democrats believe the country will be like if McCain wins