March 25, 2005

New Halo 2 maps!!

In late April, Bungie will release two new maps for free (Containment and Warlock), and two to purchase (Sanctuary and Turf) for $5.99! Keep in mind, these are for Xbox Live download only. If you don't have Xbox Live, you can wait until June 28 to by those four maps, plus five additional ones ( Terminal, Relic, Elongation, Gemini and Backwash) in a regular Xbox disk also containing an animated side-story from the single-player story in New Mombasa, among other things. Xbox Live subscribers can buy the remaining five maps on the same day for $11.99.

For more info and screens of the first four maps go here:

Shadow The Hedgehog screens

Check out new screens of the game in action: !


Soul Caliber 3- CONFIRMED!

Yesterday, Namco officialy revaeled Soul Caliber III! IGN has the first screens and video! See it here:

And yes, it's a PS2 exclusive.

March 23, 2005

Halo 2 expansion pack!

First info! "The Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack is a collection of nine multiplayer maps, as well as non-playable video content (a cinematic and a mini-documentary). Delivered on a standard Xbox DVD disc, the multiplayer content can be used by gamers on Xbox Live as well as those who play multiplayer via System Link or via Split-screen (on one Xbox). "
It will be available in late April (I think)! Maybe the cinematic will be a real ending!

Oddworld's back!

In the new issue of Game Informer, they reveal the new Oddworld game staring a character called Fangus. Apparently, it's the sequel to Oddworld: Stranger's wrath. The article states:
"The game takes place in on the forested hills of a land known as Fangustan. Our new hero is Fangus, a shepherd that dutifully fends off predators and leads the beasts under his charge to popberry fields - until one day when Invaders arrive and thrust Fangus into role of savior for all nations of Oddworld. Fangus has his own personal race against time; he must thwart the Invaders' plans before the madness of rabies engulfs him."
The article goes on to explain how Majesco (?) will publish the title and how it is likely to receive an "M" rating because of its darker content ( you now use real guns). Also, the game will see the return of the 3rd- 1st person action from Stranger, as well as gamespeak and destructable environments and the ability to command Fangus' flock of evil sheep things. It also said the game would be available in '06 for the Xbox. Huh? Won't the Xenon be out by then?
At first, upon reading this I found it farfetched that there were so many details on a game coming out in '06. However, the article went along with a rather awesome picture that could only come from the guys at Oddworld Inhabitants. I guess we'll find out for sure at E3 if the game is real or not.

March 22, 2005

DS: new games

Recently the game Katamari Damacy was listed in Nintendo Power's upcoming games list! In addition, they showed the first shots of Age of Empires and Goldeneye: Rogue Agent! Scan here:
Also, a demonstrations of Animal Crossing and Mario Kart (both expected to go online this year):

Soul Caliber 3 details!

Soul Caliber 3 was recently previewed in the latest issue of Gamepro. The third installment adds 3 new fighters (making the total 25), new levels, and the ability to create your own fighter! However, the game will be a PS2 exclusive. When I read this, I thought it was an April Fools joke, but it was the May issue. Soul Caliber 3 will be available in the fall. (So much for: "it'll be out on Xbox, Gamecube, PS2, and Xenon!")

March 10, 2005

Xenon drops the green

In these recent screens of the Xenon (as it is now being referred to) launcher menu, it seems the system has gone blue! But that's not the important part. The screens also reveal some features of the new Xbox live (Xenon live?)! Shots here:

For further info on the Xenon go here:


Nintendo officially announced today plans to launch the DS online! The first online game to be reviled was Animal Crossing. Mario Kart is also expected to go online. This will all happen before the end of the year!
Check out new screens of Animal Crossing :


Zelda returns!

The new Legend of Zelda was at the GDC today. A new trailer and many new screens were revieled! Plus a reliese window: winter '05!

View the trailer here:
Screens here:

Also check out the awesome original trailer here:


March 9, 2005

Sonic to the EXTREME!!!

Well not Sonic exactly... Shadow! Shadow The Hedgehog was announced today at the GDC. This spinoff game features Shadow as the main character, and is much darker than previous Sonic games. A new, even one featuring Shadow, game in the Sonic series had been hinted at for a long time. Expect this game on all 3 platforms in Winter of this year!
View the trailer here:

March 5, 2005

Tons of handheld media!

There are large amounts of media for both the PSP an DS. I'm too lazy to post all the links, so if you're really interested, go to: and and find them yourself.

(Yes, I'm a really that lazy!)

March 3, 2005

A rainbow of DS colors!

Coming soon are four new DS colors! Blue, Pink, Black, and White! I like Black myself.
Awesome! Did I mention this is only in Japan?

New rating

ESRB has added a new rating. It's E10+. This means the game is suitable for everyone ten and older.

March 1, 2005

Since the news is so slow...

Expect a review of Wario Ware Touched!, as well as some editorials coming this week. I wish I had more to say, but there ain't nothin'!