January 14, 2007

Gameweb's branching out

In case you haven't noticed, Gameweb is now covering entertainment and technology. That's not to say we won't still write about games, we're just expanding. Now we cover games, entertainment, and technology, with a focus on games. Hope you enjoy the new Gameweb!

So, now I guess I know why it's called Gameweb. We start with games and we branch out, just like a web! Cleaver!

DBZ remastered

February 6th will mark the beginning of DBZ season set releases with season one on DVD. It's completely digitally remastered in high definition wide-screen and contains the original Japanese or English dub. It even has the option for English with Japanese music. Set one contains the first 39 episodes on 6 discs (over 900 minutes!), a 24 page booklet, and behind the scenes footage of the re-mastering process. All of this can be had for as low as $37.50 off Amazon with free shipping ($49.98 normally). This is by far every DBZ fan's dream come true!

Meet the iPhone

It's a widescreen iPod with touch control, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet communications device! At least, that's what Apple CEO Steve Jobs says. This thing is seriously cool, though. It runs Mac OSX, the same operating system in iMacs and Macbooks. Think of it as a mini Mac Mini that makes phone calls. Check out apple.com for more information and to watch the full (over an hour long!) keynote with demonstrations.

Halo 3 Beta: the easy way in

If you buy a specially marked copy of Crackdown for the Xbox 360 beginning February 20th, you're automatically in the H3 beta. Simple as that. You get a code to download the beta to your Xbox. A hard drive and an XBL gold membership are required to participate.

Gameweb Awards '06

Our GOTY awards are up at Viewpoint. Go check it out!

Gameweb Awards 2006

So, what were the best games of '06? Prepare to find out in the Gameweb Awards 2006!