September 22, 2006

It's just my opinion...don't kill me!

Well, I've written up how I think Halo 3 should end. Read it at Viewpoint now. I warn you, it will spark controversy!

The Ultimate Halo 3 Ending

Hey! I randomly back for some reason, and I'm randomly posting what I think would be the ideal ending to Halo 3! Now, I know when most of you read this you'll probably send me hate mail, hunt me down, and kill my family, but just remember that it's one man's opinion. It probably won't turn out anything like this, I just think it would be cool. Also, I don't have enough details to go into details... except for the very end, which is the important part anyway.

It's the final battle. The other remaining Spartans are battling the covenant on Earth (For those of you who don't know, the Spartans are: Will, Linda, Fred, Kelly, and John- apparently there are more MIA, crippled, away/unaccounted for, or retired. Also, there is Nicole from DOA4 and, apparently, Spartan IIIs- but I won't get in to exceptions. We'll assume there are five Spartans left.) while the Chief, who has gotten himself back on High Charity- now in orbit around Earth, is taking on the Flood and Covenant. He manages to take down High Charity and crash it into the Ark on Earth. The resulting explosion destroys the Ark. Now, here comes the good part:

At this point, the Covenant are beaten, Gravemind is dead, and the Chief is near death from the crash. The other Spartans come to his aid, but it is too late. Kelly holds up the Chief as he dies in her arms. You can hear her crying under her helmet as she takes off his helmet and strokes his hair. The other Spartans are also deeply saddened. The camera pans out and Cortana says something about the world being saved and his sacrifice or some such nonsense. You never see the Chief's face because Kelly is blocking it. Oh, and sad music is playing as the final cutscene fades into the credits.

Sad, yes. But that's the way things should be.