March 23, 2005

Oddworld's back!

In the new issue of Game Informer, they reveal the new Oddworld game staring a character called Fangus. Apparently, it's the sequel to Oddworld: Stranger's wrath. The article states:
"The game takes place in on the forested hills of a land known as Fangustan. Our new hero is Fangus, a shepherd that dutifully fends off predators and leads the beasts under his charge to popberry fields - until one day when Invaders arrive and thrust Fangus into role of savior for all nations of Oddworld. Fangus has his own personal race against time; he must thwart the Invaders' plans before the madness of rabies engulfs him."
The article goes on to explain how Majesco (?) will publish the title and how it is likely to receive an "M" rating because of its darker content ( you now use real guns). Also, the game will see the return of the 3rd- 1st person action from Stranger, as well as gamespeak and destructable environments and the ability to command Fangus' flock of evil sheep things. It also said the game would be available in '06 for the Xbox. Huh? Won't the Xenon be out by then?
At first, upon reading this I found it farfetched that there were so many details on a game coming out in '06. However, the article went along with a rather awesome picture that could only come from the guys at Oddworld Inhabitants. I guess we'll find out for sure at E3 if the game is real or not.

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  1. YES! I wonder why i haven't recieved April or March gameinformer yet? maybe i forgot to renknew my subscription.