April 1, 2008

Another Smash?

In the wake of the ultra successful Super Smash Brothers Brawl, the next game in the series has accidentally been unveiled! Nintendo has kept under wraps Smash DS, a remake of the original game for the Nintendo DS. As it turns out, an early build of the game was leaked onto the internet and is available for download (where exactly I do not know). However, some fans have indeed downloaded the alpha build. This early build consists of an exact port of the original game running on a DS. Though the game is only in the early stages of development, Nintendo plans to, once they get the original base game running smoothly, upgrade it significantly with upgraded graphics, sound, and some new content in the form of new secret characters and stages. One can only assume that the touch screen will be used for analogue control, but who knows. Keep in mind that the details are lacking because Nintendo hasn't even officially announced the title. One can only assume that the guy who leaked the code onto the internet will indeed be fired. Regardless, this is great news for smash fans everywhere now that we know we can finally get out Smash fix on the go! Here's to hoping for online Wi-Fi matches!

Below you will find some footage uploaded to Youtube of the game in action. One video shows some fag playing the game with a shaky web cam just to prove it exists! I'm surprised that Nintendo hasn't found and removed these videos yet...

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  1. Guess what? APRIL FOOLS! That's an N64 emulator running on a DS. If only I knew how to do that, then all my portable Smash dreams would come true!