April 2, 2008

The story of Jorban the Magical Wizard

There once lived a kindly wizard named Jorban. Jorban loved children. In fact, he loved children so much that he would invite all the children in the Magic Forest to his place every night for a bedtime story. Jorban's Place was a place of enchanted bliss, full of all the things little kids loved: sugarpops, gumdrops, teddy bears, ponies and mares, trinkets, toys, and fruit pulp. All the children would skip on over to Jorban's place and play in his puddles of chocolate sauce and climb his castles of pretzel sticks. They would play for hours and hours and Jorban would watch them from his bathroom window with a smile on his face. When the sun began to set, Jorban would invite the children into his home for magical story time. He would tell them of enchanted puppets and floating unicorns in the night, of rainbow magpies and fearless knights, of cozy beds and sweet dreams, and distant places like the Philippines. Finally, it was time for sleep. Jorban would give the children some special red punch and invite them into his room. Jorban's room was very large. There were hundreds of tiny beds for all the children and right in the middle was Jorbans. He tucked the children in and kissed them goodnight. Then he turned out the lights and the real fun began. The children sank into a land of dreams with Jorban as their guide. They dreampt about the stories and events of the day and began to feel more and more happy. Jorban was there all the while watching, smiling. Finally, the children would enter a state of pure elation and then... they wake up very rested and in their own beds. Jorban, having been very pleased with the children's state of pleasure, returned them to their houses. Tomorrow night, they'll do it all over again!

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