May 23, 2005

E3 2005 in review

Another year, another E3. This year, however, was the biggest, most anticipated E3 in years. That's because this year was all about new consoles. So let's get started, shall we?

Everything you want to know:

Microsoft really had to perform this year. The 360 is due out in November, so it was important for people to get a good impression of the new system. I think they pulled it off. I was reading some hands on impressions of some 360 games. Definitely positive. I think the best were Perfect Dark Zero and Gears of War. There was also an incredible seven minute trailer for Dark Sector. I think that game is really going to be something. For more info on the Xbox 360 and it's games go here:

For the regular Xbox, some cool games were shown off. Nothing mind-blowing, though. A definite highlight was Burnout Revenge. I suggest you go to for some hands on impressions of Burnout and more.

Sony showed off the PS3 this year in addition to new stuff for the PS2 and the PSP. They really had their hands full! As far as the PS3 goes, the system was shown in prototype form...and I hate it! The system is an odd un-stackable round-on-one-side thing; and the controller is a boomerang! The inside however is very powerful. More powerful even than the 360. Of course that's just because it comes out a year later. One of the most impressive looking games is Mobile Suit Gundam Also announced was Devil May Cry 4 Tekken was also very impressive

Nothing spectacular really happened for the PS2. The PSP, however, had a great lineup! In addition to Burnout Legends, Daxter was playable. You play as Daxter, Jak's side kick. The game takes place between the first two Jak games; while Jak is being held prisoner. for more. Ratchet, Jak, Kingdom Hearts and Soul Caliber were also shown for the PS2.

Once again, I have to say that Nintendo stole the show. They always have the best lineup of games. The big game this year was The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Feel free to check out the incredible trailer for your self:

Of course, Nintendo showed off the Revolution...but not in full. Nintendo refused to show off the controller, claiming we'd see it...later. The Revolution is, however, my favorite looking of all three systems. It's just the size of three DVD cases stack on top of each other. In terms of games, Nintendo did not disappoint. They said the Revolution would have a new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, and, of course, Smash Brothers-online! Also, the Revolution will be able to play every Nintendo game ever made! It'll play gamecube games out of the box, and others through downloadable files of SD cards.

Nintendo's best line up was for the DS. They showed: Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid Pinball, Mario Kart, The NEW Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing, Mario & Luigi 2, Elecroplancton, Nintendogs, and more! should have medial for all those games.

Nintendo also showed a new Gameboy. The Gameboy Micro. It's a GBA redesigned (again), but really, really, small. It'll also have removable face plates.

If you're looking for screens, check out IGN. They also have exclusive vidios. For trailers, check out Download the Dark Sector trailer here:

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  1. For once, I agree with you. The Nintendo looked better than the rest of them. Kingdom Hearts 2 looks good also.