May 10, 2005

Pre E3- First Perfect Dark Zero details

Those lucky enough to attend the MTV taping were in for a treat. They got to play Perfect Dark Zero. Now, they've described their experience, and given us the first details on the game!

"Descriptions of a realistic-looking ("Halo 2-like graphics") Perfect Dark Zero, apparently in playable alpha. An excited member of the PMS Clan excitedly mentioned a "Counter-Strike" feel, though with the addition of stealth elements similar to Splinter Cell. The game will apparently offer more than 22 different weapons ("Every kind of thing that your trigger finger would feel comfortable shooting is in that game"), including a gun which turns the player invisible. She also mentioned a jet-pack of sorts used to fly around a level.

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  1. Is this the sequel to Perfect Dark, that was a good game. Anyway, I couldn't access the video clips on the three games you mentioned, so could you send me an email telling me about them?