May 6, 2005

Preview- DBZ Sparking

Imagine the perfect Dragonball game. A game with every character and major plot point ever. Now imagine it's real. Guess what? It is! This fall, DBZ fans will get the game they've always wanted: Dragonball Z Sparking!

Despite the odd name, this game will have everything a fan could ask for. One of the most welcomed additions is Jenemba, the villain from the 12th movie in Japan. Expect him along with over 60 other characters including Chaozu, the entire Ginuyu Force, and the Ouzaru forms of all the Saiyans (and hopefully all the characters from Budokai 3 plus some of my favorites: Bojack, Nova Shenron, Baby Vegeta, Vegeta Jr., Goku Jr., Super 17, Tapion, Turles, Evil Buu, and anyone else they feel would be cool. Like, say, more crazy fusions?).

The controls have also been revamped to include free-flight! This will make for more realistic battling. The rest of the buttons now also perform different actions. For instance, the triangle button is now used for an energy blast rather than a kick.

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  1. Haleluha Haellua !!!!! PRaise God! Finally!!!! A game with golden oazuru Baby and All the dragons and all the characters!!! Yes!!! Stephen, you have just made my dream come true with this news

  2. Yesss! Can you imagine if they even have Luud?!(although Luud sucks). I hope they have General Rildo, Brolly, Bojacks, All the Shadow Dragons, Super 17, golden oozaru baby, and everyone