October 11, 2005

Doegab is Back and with a Review on Rome Total War

Rome Total War is like no other staggered game you will ever see to this date. I got to try the Roman level picking the House of Julius as my side. The house of Julius profile gets the best starting point at the top of Italy. Immediately as soon as the game started I rallied my forces and went to crush the Gaul rebels as a mission from the Senate (as a bonus I got to keep all the territory I conquered). I quickly crushed the opposition using supreme tactics employed by no other strategies game, and conquered all of Europe defeating the Gauls and fighting of the German rebels. However in by doing so I became a concern of the Senate. They thought I had too much power, refusing to give me any place in the Senate offices until the middle of the game where they gave me meager jobs. I was in fury, I had conquered all the lands they told me too and had the most territory reaching from the southern edge of Spain to northen parts of Asia and finally some parts of Egypt. But I knew they were scared, it was only a matter of time before the Senate crumbles. Once that is done I can overtake them! A mad but devious plan. Although I had to gain popularity first. I then bough some lands from the rebels in Asia and even bought some lands from the house of Brutis in Greece. The senate was infuriated! They scorned at me ordering to return the lands, then there were riots. But in a few years (or should I say turns) all was well. Only the north most part of Spain was unconquerable. Egypt was finished and the Germans were hunted down like the scum they are. I would have played longer but my friend had to leave with his game. But I will continue my exploits of my power tomorrow I will conquer BUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


  1. So, I take it you liked the game?

  2. ya part 2 comes tommorow hopefully