October 1, 2005


I've compiled a list of the best nicknames from http://rumandmonkey.com. Enjoy!

Arthurion The Dragonchild, Spiffo the PearMan, The One Known As To Be Reckoned With, The Regal Worthington E. MacHaggardstien, blasto rust the supremo metal-avenger, gebunge flunge, Crestegretch, Secondary Assasination System, Sándor Gedeon, Hootie The Tangerine, Zootie The Lawnmower, Springy The Spoon, swashbuckling bertie the landlord, emperor seth the tyrranical master of cruelty and oppression, and Capt. Strange the Shiny.

And some band names:
Claustrophobic Stepchildren, and Beat em Up Kitten.

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