June 5, 2008

Gantz!! (one of the most intense animes no one has heard about)

Warning: Gantz is not an anime for children or for people who don't like originality!!!
Gantz is by far the anime that has taken all the cliche anime quirks and perks and done the complete opposite. For example, You no when your watching an anime and the main character somehow inherits some great power? And right of the bat they are able to use it and beat up bad guys that would have exploded there brains if they had come a few days earlier. But, What would happen if the main characters obtain a great power, a power that is the only thing saving them from sudden doom? But, they have no idea of how to use it. Would they turn on each other due to frustration? Or just go crazy due to all of the weird events? Well if that sounds like it would make the plot extreme and intense, IT DOES!!!

As far as I'm concerned Gantz does not really have a main character but alot of characters whose story's intertwine, but if I had to choose one character to be the main one it would be Kei Kurono. On the first episode Kei Kurono is on his way home from school when a drunk hobo falls on the tracks of the subway, people just stand there watching him on the tracks because they are afraid to go and help him because of the trains that pass(symbolism:evilness of man). While Kei Kurono gets fed up with how no one is helping this man he goes down to help and along with him Kato an old friend of Kurono. They save the hobo but get run over by a train in the process, yup that's right the two main characters are dead in the first episdoe..... BUT,that's ok because in order to play the "Game" Gantz you must be dead. You see when kurono and his friends die they get transported to a room with other people who have died that day and are forced to play a game in which they must kill aliens for the government, the problem is it's real and they don't get instructions. The characters are given sweatsuits that no one wants to wear because they look silly, but the people who wear them ussually come back to the room (because the suits give them power, so they don't die). This is just a brief synopsis of the anime because I find it to amazing to give away anymore of its great plot and underlying meanings. But if you want an anime that will make you think, and is drastically different from the "popular" anime's Gantz is something you should check out. I give it a 9.9 out of 10.

here's the site with all the episodes: http://www14.alluc.org/alluc/anime.html?action=getviewcategory&category_uid=43366&from=all


  1. This sounds a lot like Yu Yu Hakusho which, by the way, came out ten years earlier than Gantz. I wouldn't be surprised if that's where the idea came from.

  2. Gantz is amazing, I discovered it about a year ago and watched the whole series non-stop. I then picked up the manga which took it further and loved it. As for N-man, its nothing like YYH at all. Check it out.

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