June 4, 2008

My animie site > B@ttsman's animie site

It's true
http://www.animeviewer.net/ > http://www.animecrazy.net/

1) Better format

2) More selection

3) More user friendly

Sorry B@ttsman I had to point it out =p


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  2. actually it depends animecrazy actually has more animes I checked for example claymore which animecrazy has all the episodes ur site has an empty link along with animecrazy having movies actually all of the Hayao Miyazaki movies along with alot more movies than ur site has but other than that ur sites ok not as much animes but it does look cooler all in all thanks for bein a dick and making me look like i dont no wat im talking about

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  4. Punctuation would be nice. To start off Animie crazy is to spontaneous and random, animie watcher is much easier to use. About the missing eposides, they have to be updated every week since many of the animie episodes are deleted daily due to recent super over zelous copyright companies that have been constantly attacking the internet posted videos, I'm sure you will eventually run into problems like this on animie crazy. And lastly no problem it's my job =p.