June 26, 2008

Movie Review: The Beast With a Billion Backs

Let Deathball begin! Futurama returns once more with The Beast With a Billion Backs, the sequel to last year's Bender's Big Score. This movie picks up where the last left off. The crew sets off to fix the anomaly that Bender Created at the end of the other movie. First off, this movie is much more straight forward than Bender's Big Score. Second, in my opinion it's not quite as good either. I tell you though, it's still damn good stuff. Futurama is one show that has yet to run its course. Whereas Family Guy is getting stale, Futurama still delivers. There are some really great lines in this movie that I won't spoil you. Lets just say that Futurama is the king of one-liners and there are some here that rank up at the top. That being said, there really wasn't much that made me truly laugh out loud. I think Bender's Big Score was funnier, but that doesn't make TBWABB a bad movie. On the contrary, I'd pay $10 to go see it in theaters. The actual plot itself is pretty much what you'd expect from Futurama. Things get pretty zany when tentacles come out of the anomaly and seemingly take over the world. Yet, somehow it remains a touching love story in which Fry learns a valuable lesson about falling in love with tentacles and becoming the Pope of a new religion. Yes indeed it's touching, sometimes inappropriately. Those tentacles get around, you know. Really, there's not much I can say about the movie without spoiling the plot in some way- just know that it's exactly what you'd expect from Futurama. What I especially like about these Futurama movies is that they are actually full length, 90 minute films. It's a grand adventure through, love, loss, humor, heaven, hell, and Stephen Hawking. Yes indeed, Futurama is still as brilliant as when it first started and I'm extremely happy it's still around. I recommend this movie to everyone- fans and non-fans alike. Futurama will always be the best animated cartoon of its genre (until the next best thing) and I can't wait to see what it has up its sleeve next.

As I did before, here's a special preview for Bender's Game, the next film due out about December:

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