April 27, 2012

New footage of Chasing Aurora is lovely

There are 30 minutes left of PAX Prime 2011. My friend and I saw this awesome indie game days before and said we'd come back later to play it. With little time left, we determine to make make it our final game. We wait in line watch a few game. The game is beautiful and looks fun. It was a four player mode in which players chase after the fourth, who holds a magical glowing ball called "aurora". The objective is to steal it and hold on to it as long as you can. It's finally our turn. We sit on the couch of the most comfortable booth a PAX, grab our PS3 controllers, and... technical error. We didn't have enough time to wait for it to be fixed. Mission failed.

This new trailer is the first look at the game's single player mode, which I wasn't even aware of. Chasing Aurora looks even more beautiful than it did all those months ago!

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