April 1, 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3 goes multiplatform

E3 is fast approaching, as you are well aware, and publishers have already begun preparation for the show. A little digging around the Square-Enix site by some avid fans has lead to the discovery of a page intended for launch during the show. Apparently, Squenix is prepping an announcement for Kingdom Hearts 3! There really aren't many details to be had here as the page is simply a splash page meant to house the announcement trailer. But the coding does reveil the above image, the game's logo, as well as one very important detail. The page lists the game for both PS3 and Wii U. This isn't particularly surprising to me, considering how many Kingdom Hearts games have been on Nintendo handhelds. Personally, I think this is great news and I think it'll work out well for everyone, especially Nintendo. The fine print lists a target release of fiscal year 2014, which could be any time between October 2013 and September 2014. I would count on later rather than sooner, but the rumor paired with this news story mentions KH3 is quite far along and names the secret development of this game as the reason for Versus XIII being pushed back for ever and ever. You can read the full story, including the html files, at this NeoGAF thread.


  1. fuck you so is this a joke?

  2. its not fucking funny some people have been waiting 7 years for this game its not fucking funny

  3. Looks like the anual April Fool's joke was a success this year!