July 29, 2005

DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi preview (DBZ Sparking)

As the new DBZ game's release draws nearer, I thought it'd be nice to take a look at some of the new characters that will be in the game.

The following characters have been confirmed:

-The ENTIRE Ginue Squad
-Super 17
All above characters are playable in all of their forms.

Plus all the characters form the other games which include:
-Android 17
-Android 16
-Android 18
-Dr. Gero
(You get the idea)

And that's just scratching the surface! Remember, there are over 60 playable characters in the game so expect even more! (I can think of a few I'd like. *cough* Nova *cough*) Keep checking back for the latest on Budoki Tenkaichi!

In the meanwhile, check out some new screens here: http://media.ps2.ign.com/media/742/742303/imgs_1.html


  1. I still can't wait for this game

  2. i want to be ablw to play as master Roshi in this game!