June 7, 2005

Impressions - Destroy All Humans

This game is hilarious and great fun! You're Crypto, and alien invading Earth, who must destroy all the humans. The whole game takes place in the fifties. You've got a bunch of powers in just the first level (Expect many more in the full game). You can read minds, fly a UFO, use your Zapper gun and, my favorite, move stuff with your mind! I love throwing cows, and people for that matter, into lakes or throwing them into the sky until they disappear from sight! You can also smash people with cars! Once you kill a human you can extract their brain for DNA.

I also love the UFO! It's fun blowing stuff up with the ray gun, or setting people on fire, but the real fun is in the tractor beam. You can pick up trucks and use them as wrecking balls to demolish buildings! You can also throw people with it, but things are more fun.

I love this game and can't wait for it's release later this month! Definitely get this one and waste away your summer playing it!

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  1. Good I needed a new game. Hey Stephen, I just got back from Disney today.