July 3, 2005

Review- Kirby Canvas Curse



Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Stylus Platformer
Price: (varies) $30-$40
Players: 1

The mold has been broken, and I love it! There should be more games like this! The whole point of the game is to get Kirby through levels of the game using only the stylus to build rainbows for him to ride on. Tap an enemy and they get stunned. Tap Kirby and he speeds up. Speed into an enemy to copy his power and tap Kirby to use it. The whole system works beautifully. The game itself is pretty easy until you get into the later levels (where Kirby is being pushed to the right side of the screen, and you have to tap bombs to blow up walls to prevent him from getting smashed). Boss battles are a little different. Each time you beat a world (three levels), you get to choose one of three boss games. There's a breakout style game, a racing game, and a drawing game. Once you beat it twice, it becomes availabe as a minigame in which you can try for some high scorage. Another cool aspect of the game are the collectible medals. There are six in each level. Three you find and three you win by completing the level in a certain amount of time or using the least ink possible. With these you can unlock cool extras like bead lines, instead of rainbows, music, and even the ability to play as Meta Knight.
I enjoyed Kirby very much. Even though it's short and kind of easy, it's a unique title that should not be missed! The only downside? No multiplayer. Bummer.
Graphics: One of the best looking Kirby games ever! - 10
Sound: Awesome! New tunes, remixed ones, and classics! - 10
Control: Stylus control is awesome! - 10
Lasting Appeal: Short. Unlockables will last you a while-but not too long. - 8.6
Overall: 9.5

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  1. Good, i hope that one is on sale! Yes, I just found out circuit city is still open. Im off!!