July 24, 2005

Nintendo Interview

There was a recent interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto and they reviled some really juicy tidbits about the Revolution, DS, and new games!

"Both Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and Executive Producer Shigeru Miyamoto were interviewed by Electronic Gaming Monthly recently to discuss numerous topics, and reveal a few more choice details about the upcoming Revolution console. According to Iwata, although the system will not support high-definition games, all Revolution games will be required to support 480p Progressive Scan, so games will still be playable on high-def TV sets in a widescreen format. Also, the attachment announced at E3 to give the system DVD-playing capability will be inserted inside the machine, so players won't notice it. In regards to the system's online capability, the Revolution will be Wi-Fi compatible out of the box, but will initially not have a Ethernet port. However, an adapter will be sold that will make use of the Revolution's USB ports to connect to an Ethernet system. Nintendo is also looking into DS-to-Revolution connectivity via Wi-Fi.

In regards to games, Miyamoto states that Nintendo is considering making a DS version of the ultra-popular Super Smash Brothers series. Miyamoto is currently hard at work at both the new Mario game for Revolution (which he confirms is the game that was Mario 128) as well as his new project, which was announced at E3. Miyamoto says he would like to use the much-overlooked Luigi in a new game, and is considering making a new Pikmin title for Revolution considering that the still-mysterious controller would be perfect for the game. Plus, he's looking into doing something with the long stagnant GameCube tech demo Stage Debut, which allowed players to map their faces into games. Also, Iwata states that the company is looking into adding online play into many of the downloadable Nintendo games that will be available on Revolution, and also confirms that the Revolution controller, since it will be able to play 4 generations of Nintendo console games, will not be so vastly different that it alienates developers and third-parties."

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