June 7, 2005

PSP ~ Intec screen protector Vs. Pelican screen protector

Let's face it. The PSP has a beautiful screen, but it scratches way too easily. You'll need a way to protect it. So I'm here to set the record straight. Which screen protector is better?

The first protector I got was the one by Intec. I opened it up to put it on and realized something: there was a little tab stuck to it to remove the screen protector from the backing. Problem was, that the tab was stuck to the protector itself. I had to carefully pull the protector off of the backing by myself, and then remove the tab from the protector, which left glue residue on it. Great, already ruined. But it gets worse! When I put the thing on, there were air bubbles everywhere! I tried to smooth them out with the included "Intec squeegee" but all that did was scratch the screen protector. Fed up, I pulled it off. Only to find that the very thing that was trying to protect the screen had scratched it! I then threw it out.
BOTTOM LINE: The Intec screen protector is a piece of crap! So was the cleaning cloth it came with!

Next, I tried the Pelican screen protector. This time the tab was on the backing and it peeled off easily. I aligned the screen protector with the corner of the screen and let go. It fell right into place... WITH NO AIR BUBBLES!! I didn't even need to use the the included smoothing thingy! What a pleasant surprise! I booted up the system to find out how the picture looked. Unlike the Intec one it was pretty clear and lost little sharpness. It even hid the scratch from the Intec screen protector! Even the cloth was nice!
BOTTOM LINE: Get this one! It's sooo much better! Plus it's anti-glare, has a three year warranty, and comes with a console protection guarantee which states: If the screen protector damages your system through normal use, Pelican will repair or replace your system at no charge.

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