July 5, 2005

I've been holding out

Sorry I've been holding out on the reviews. I've actually got a lot of 'em. I've done so because of a recent merger proposition with my good friend Raider Bear (bearsreview.blogspot.com). Keep in mind that this will only effect Viewpoint. Gameweb will remain the same. The new site should have twice the content as well as movie reviews. I'll keep you updated on that.

In other news: I just realized last month was Gameweb's half birthday! If you recall, Gameweb was created on December 22 of last year. The perfect Christmas gift for any gamer! June 22 was the six month mark. It'll be one in December. I hope to continue the excellent coverage (Go ahead, check around the web. You won't find any site with as much news!), and I hope for many more birthdays to come!

Happy half birthday Gameweb!

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