December 18, 2005

Kong: A Review

I feel I can properly review King Kong now that I've just seen the original from 1933 and the remake from'76.

The first thing I noticed about this movie was that Kong was not a cheesy clay animated monkey, or a cheesy animatronic monkey, but a really awesome and realistic computer generated monkey. He's really so much more realistic. He looks like a giant gorilla, he moves like a giant gorilla, he might have even smelled like a giant gorilla... but the movie wasn't in smell-o-vision. From beginning to end this movie had me hooked, captivated, even touched. Who doesn't love a love story between a beautiful woman and a giant monkey? Like I was saying, through the entire movie (all three+ hours) I was dazzled. The special effects were amazing, everything seemed lifelike from Kong himself to the giant bugs to the dinosaurs. And the action! Don't even get me started on the action! Sure they may have cut out the scene from the original where Kong fought a giant snake, but in this version he took on three once! Man, was that an awesome fight scene! Then there was the part when Kong destroyed New York- awesome. Fighting dinos and giant insects on Skull Island? Awesome. When he was batting the planes on top of the Empire State building? Incredible. Heck, even the non-action parts were awesome. And the makeup! Wow. Those island natives sure were creepy.

Overall, I think Peter Jackson did an excellent job with the movie. He portrayed the original story in an amazing way. I think this was the best version yet and should be regarded as a classic. Sure it was long, but I enjoyed every second. I still think the ending was kind of meh, but that's exactly the way the original ended. I've got to give credit for including that famous last line "Was beauty killed the beast." One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I'd score it, but I just can't. It's too hard to pick an exact number of stars for this movie. Instead, I'll say this: GO SEE THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW!!! Unless your reading this at three in the morning, in which case: GO SEE THIS MOVIE AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!!

Oh, and did I mention Peter Jackson's directing the Halo movie? Best. Move. Ever.

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