December 23, 2005

The Evils of My Space

I gonna give it to you straight: My Space needs to die. My Space is evil. That's all there is to it. Technically, My Space is owned by Fox. Fox is also evil. People need to start boycotting My Space and Fox. Come on people, will it kill you to watch Family Guy at ten on Adult Swim instead of nine on Fox? Seriously, My Space should die. Everyone thinks their so cool with their My Space. Problem is, everybody has one. Therefore, the only truly cool people are the one's without a My Space.

Let me say that I fully support Google and its plans for world conquest. In fact, support Google right now by getting a free blog: Oh, and drop by my My Space if you wish: (yes, I have one), and let everyone know how EVIL it is!!

Agree? Disagree? Drop some comments in the comments box and let me know. Actually, you know what? If you disagree just leave right now.

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