September 19, 2005

The Legend of Tangerine Pie

Long, long ago, there was a man named Susan. Now, Susan was a baker. He lived in the town of Rathelmale. Susan owned the local bakery, "Ye Old Bakery", which was famous for its delicious pies.

One day, Susan was baking a pie when a rather fat man walked up and demanded a box of 52 fruit filled pies. Susan argued that it was impossible to come up with 52 pies in five minutes, but the fat man kept on demanding them. Susan then ran to his friend Gretchen's house to get help. Susan only got her sister, Olga, who said Gretchen was on the top of Dead Mountain picking berries.

Susan quickly rushed up the mountain, but when he got there he found Gretchen kneeling down staring at a glowing light. She had found the Enchanted Tangerine.

The tangerine rose into the air and bellowed, "I am the mighty Enchanted Tangerine! Not only can I talk, but I am the most tasty tangerine in all the land! Why, if one were to slice me up and use me to fill 52 fruit filled pies, those would be the most delicious pies ever made! The man who bought those would be the luckiest man in all of Rathlemale!"

And so, Susan and Gretchen sliced up the tangerine (which for some reason was enough to fill 52 pies) and filled the pies which they gave to the fat man waiting at the bakery.

When the fat man got home, he tore open the box and gobbled down all the pies. Little did he know the Enchanted Tangerine was cursed. Any one who ate him would slowly turn into the tangerine once again. This made the tangerine very happy because the last creature who ate him was a squirrel and so he was squirrel sized. Now that he had taken over the fat man, he would be huge!

What seemed like an innocent act of baking pie would actually lead to the end of the world as we know it; because in 2758, the Enchanted Tangerine became so huge he controlled the earth and enslaved the human race!

The End!


  1. wow was that really from 2005. so long ago.
    Grandma O'malleys Tangerine Pie
    It's Pretty Good

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