September 10, 2005

Pie and Cake

Let's talk about something everyone can relate to: pie and cake.

Let me first say that Pie is awesome! I love pie! Some of my favorite kinds are: apple, blueberry, pumpkin, banana cream, lemon drop, French silk, and tangerine! Actually, tangerine pie doesn't exist, but my friend came up with it and it was funny. Also, pie is funny. For some reason, when people want to be stupid they just scream out "PIE!" I've never understood why, even though I do this. Second, people are always getting hit in the face with pie. People find this funny for some reason. Maybe because clowns do it. Clowns aren't funny though, they're sad.

Moving on, I'll talk about cake. I HATE CAKE!!!! The only cake I eat is ice cream cake. I also love cheese cake, but that's not real cake. Cheese cake is like a big round lump of flavored cream cheese (I love cheese!). Probably my favorite kind of cheese cake is the 25th anniversary Godiva cheese cake. It's got five layers of different chocolate! Mmmm... so good!

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