January 12, 2010


Welcome to The Cutting Edge! Today is our inaugural day, and those of you reading this have the honor of reading our very first post! As the URL suggests, this website is dedicated to video game reviews. I feel that many of the mainstream reviews like IGN and Gameinformer have sold out to some big companies; by this I mean that games whose companies advertise with the reviewer are given more favorable reviews and are over-hyped. The purpose of this website is to give an opinion from an outsider with no agenda but to share his thoughts.

My review system is fairly harsh and goes as follows:
10 = a perfect game; this are few and very rare
9.5 = a game this is nearly perfect but is missing that extra special something or has a minor flaw
9 = an excellent game; the best of the best. Not perfect but a must-buy.
8 = a very good game that will be loads of fun; still a must buy
7.5 = a game that is fun but has room for improvement; just at the cusp of must-buys.
7 = a decent game; some parts are fun and others have flaws. Wait for price-drop.
6 = an average game; you get what you pay for. Wait for price-drop or just rent.
5 = a below average game; the game may still be enjoyable but is frustrating. Rent first.
4 = the first category of bad games, these games are bad. A 4 has some parts that make it okay
1-3= not much separates these horrible games; 1s are the worst and 3s are slightly better

As you can see, with my review system you should buy anything within the 8 to 10 category A.S.A.P. If you have the money go for a 7.5 as well. A 5 - 7 game deserves waiting for a pice drop or renting first. If you want laughs, rent a 1 - 4 game but know that the game will suck.

Hope you all enjoy the first post. The next post will be the 3 games I view as the most over-rated of all time, the 3 most under-rated of all time (also known as jewels that you should check out), and the 3 best games of all time. After that I will move on to some game reviews from 2009s greatest hits!

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