January 9, 2010

Movie Review: Daybreakers

Daybreakers is a vampire movie with an interesting plot concept. In this film vampires are the prominent species on earth. Humans have nearly gone extinct, and are harvested for their blood in order to feed the large vampire population. However, a problem arises when the vampires start running out of humans to extract blood from. This long period of blood deprivation starts to cause vampires to transform into extremely violent feral monstrosities.

Now, faced with this dilemma, the main character of the story Edward Dolton tries to formulate a blood substitute which would satisfy the vampires blood cravings. In addition it is important to note Edward is different from most Vampires, and pities the humans. He ultimately hopes that his substitute will eliminate the need to hunt humans so that perhaps humans and vampires will be able to coexist peacefully. Edward later on encounters a group of humans which show him that there is in fact a cure for vampirism, despite what everyone else believes. The rest of the movie involves Edward trying to harness the cure and regain his humanity, while trying to hide from a group of elitist vampires who fear the idea of a cure.
Daybreakers has many good aspects and does a few things well. The atmosphere for the movie is extremely well done and truly makes you feel that you are starting into a futuristic vampire city. Everything in this vampire world, including the houses and cars have been tweaked to fit vampires needs. It is apparent that a plethora of creative thought went into constructing this world, and without a doubt it was the best aspect of the movie.

Unfortunately the movie has its shortcoming as well. Daybreakers is a well thought out and explained movie for the first twenty minutes or so. After than timespan the film basically goes to hell rushing through the entire remaining plot. The Vampire disease isn't explained at any point in the film, making the viewer curious for more background information which is never delivered. No scientific information is given at any point that at least tries to explain how the vampire cure or substitute works. Finally don't even get me started on the ending, it was just horrible.

Overall I feel that Daybreakers had a lot of wasted potential. Instead of constructing one rushed film, this movie really should of been split up into multiple parts. I recommend watching the movie, but don't get your hopes up for a superb vampire film.


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