March 27, 2008

Ouch I got trolled...sort of

***Originally I had thought that everyone on the site was a troll, however there where a few people on the site who where not trolls and really believed in Pokemon like Kirby man for example. The only trolls on the site where to admins and the mods, who I knew where trolls. However I still have to give them credit for trolling me b/c I thought regular posters like Snubella and Shadow Steelix where true believers. So in a sense my assumptions where right, and in a sense i still got trolled >.<.****

Troll= A poster or group of posters who make up fake stories and events in order to trick people and then rub it in their face.

Well see the pokeclipse post below, yea all a big troll effort, (with the exception of a few posters) . I knew that some of them where trolls, however I find it amazing that every single freakin person on those boards where trolls, it's unbelievable, they are the greatest trolls ever. You know how many people they convinced? They convinced like eight different forums with hundreds of people they where for real, along with some real believers on their site. I have to give them credit, there good. Here is the final post from the mastermind behind it(scrolls down a bit to see it)

Wow just amazing...

I feel really bad for the true believers left behind. Most of them thought they had found a place where they could talk about their beliefs openly. You know I do talk about the trolls well in how they where smart enough to fool everyone, but that doesn't change the fact that their still assholes. I feel especially bad for that kid poster with asp burgers syndrome, who was a real believer, and will be let down by these horrible trolls. The kid had no friends, and believed that he has new friends on that site. You know what in the end the trolls are geniuses, but there also fucking assholes. GG trolls picking on a bunch of little kids to make yourself feel better.

Anyway back to the smash character analysis soon, three more should be up by tomorrow

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