March 28, 2008

SSBB Character Analysis: Ike

Stupid N-man -.-. he cut off the rest of my character analysis posts and stole my 100th post recognition! Any way if you want to read up on my other character analysis just scroll down a bit bellow N-mans post.

Anyway today's character analysis will cover a new fan favorite of Brawl. Where going to take an in depth look at the legendary Fire Emblem Swordsman Ike. What makes Ike so great is that he is a hard hitting power character with average dashing and attacking speed.

-Fairly Heavy
-Average speed power character
-Has a counter move
-Can move across the stage easily
-Non standard attacks are pretty fast
-Noob friendly

-Poor recovery
-Slowest of all the swordsman characters
-Vulnerable to edge guarding
-Large target
-Vulnerable to projectiles

IMO, Ike is a really cool, great character. Out of all the heavy weight characters, Ike is definitely one of the fastest and strongest. On top of that, he is the heavy character with the most reach in the game. This gives him a clear advantage over most heavy characters, and really any character that is slower than him. Even some balanced characters that have a speed advantage over him will suffer against Ike, since all he really needs is a couple of well placed smashes to send them flying. In fair comparison, Ike is like a shotgun, he takes three cocks and then he blows! Well not really, its more like if he gets up close to you, you're pretty much screwed. Ike has a dash attack similar to Falco's and Fox's dash move except stronger, which helps this heavy guy move across the stage easily and catch his foes by surprise. Also similar to Marth, Ike has a counter move which can be really useful for frustrating opponents and catching them off guard. And even though Ike's standard attacks usually range from average to slow speed, his non standard special attacks are pretty dam fast.

So what exactly upsets this phenomenal heavy weight? Projectiles for one. Even though Ike has a counter which can help him against projectiles, he is not fast enough to counter multiple spammed projectiles. It doesn't help either that Ike is a pretty big character that can be hit from many different stage angles. His recovery doesn't help him much either, it's definitely one of the worst recoveries in the game. His poor recovery, coupled with the fact he is a heavy character makes him very vulnerable for edge guarding. The last disadvantage Ike has is against other swordsmen characters which are faster than him. In truth Ike will suffer against any character with a huge speed advantage.

***(I also noticed personally that Ike has a lot of trouble with Wario. Sometimes Ike's longer reach will give him an advantage, but most of the time Wario just runs circles around him. Also since Wario is a very heavy character, it will be harder for Ike to knock him off stage like faster lighter characters.)***

Summary: A powerful, fairly fast swordsmen who boast a variety of powerful attacks that can send opponents flying within seconds. Has trouble with extremely fast characters, but has a significant advantage over slow to average speed characters.

Counter with: Fox, Falco, Metaknight, Wario, Toon Link

Do not use against: Donkey Kong, Luigi, Pickachu, King DeeDeeDee

Final Review

Learning Curve
: 1- Ike is the easiest character to pick up and play with

Power: 9- One of the strongest power characters

Speed: 5- average speed

Recovery: 1.5- probably one of the worst recoveries in the game

Throws: 7- Ike has some pretty powerful throws

Overall: 8.5

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