March 26, 2008

WOW......apparently pokemon are real

I'm gonna stop the analysis post for SSBB character for one sec just to show everyone this

what does that link lead to you ask? It's a website, where people talk about how pokemon really exist and how to get to the pokemon "universe". The sad part is this is no joke, most of the people on the site believe pokemon are real. The average age for people on the site is between 12-14, and however scary as it may seem, there are some older college student that are quite zealous about it as well. Did i mention how zealous they are about it? They are like religious or atheist fundamentalist when it comes to Pokemon. They are actually worse in away b/c they are defending something that doesn't even have valid proof of it's existence or fact backing it up.

Not everyone on the boards is a fanatic though. The ones that aren't fanatics are the moderators and the site creator who are pretty much using the website as a sick practical joke to fool little kids.

Before I close up this post let me leave you with some famous quotes from this amazing site.

The following post come from forum poster talking about Christianity and how
"real Pokemon" relates to it.

1) Forum poster Snubella- "I go to church, and I really think Jesus is a Pokemon"

2)Forum poster NyXem, same topic-
"Hard to say, I'm an atheist. I only believe in realistic things with good proof (like pokemon !)"

From a post called "Will you marry your pokemon?" (freakin sickos)

3) Poster The Kamikaze-
"I may marry my Pokemon if it's a female Gastly, That way we can stay and love together forever."

4) Poster Snubella, again- Other poster asks "Why just not get a human wife", Snubella replies:
"They can't love you like pokemon can ;_;"

Seriously wtf is wrong with these kids

Their promotional video-

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  1. Lol. It's like a crazy religion! *cough*scientology*cough*