November 22, 2011

Read a large chunk from "Avatar: The Promise" Right now!

Avatar fans may or not be aware, but Dark Horse is publishing a 3-part graphic novel trilogy in 2012 set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It literally picks up right were the series left off (and, in fact, there is some crossover between the comic and the last scenes of the show that puts them in context) and will focus on Aang and Zuko's efforts to rebuild the world. Essentially, it'll bridge the gap between the orignal series and Korra. Quite a large chunk of the first volume (available January 25th) was leaked online and can be read here. All I have to say is holy shit, it's amazing! No, really. It's just what I wanted. Considering the first volume is 80 pages, we're potentially looking at a 240 page epic here! And I'd like to know, is it just me or does anyone else read the dialog in the characters' voices? You can check out a behind the scenes video about the making of the book after the break.

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  1. i rread it it was amazing. oogies.