November 27, 2011

Halo Anniversary Terminals Guide

Most terminals look like this.
I just finished up Halo Anniversary and found out a little special something about the game's terminals. So before I review the game, I thought I'd write up a handy guide to finding the terminals in case you're stuck.

THE PILAR OF AUTUMN: This terminal is disguised as a broken (flashing red) computer console on the ship's bridge. You can easily find and activate it before or after you speak with Keyes.

HALO: When you enter the cave that "isn't a natural formation", instead of jumping your warthog over the gap, take the long way down through the corridor. You'll pass an inlet on the left with a yellow-flashing terminal that looks like the one on pictured here.

TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION: You can't miss this one. It's the red portion of the bridge's holo-controls, right were you find Keyes several levels later. I suggest you fight off the Elites before you activate it.

THE SILENT CARTOGRAPHER: You'll find this one against a wall in the round area where you fight the first pair of Hunters. There's an "arch" structure in the middle of this area and you'll find it underneath.

ASSAULT ON THE CONTROL ROOM: This one's a bit tricky and I happened on it completely by chance. Towards the end of the level, you'll enter into an area with a large bridge and two banshees; the same area where you can fly up and listen to "Siege of Madrigal". The giant pyramid-shaped structure you have to work your way up has a huge metal beam sticking diagonally out into the snow, creating a small pit. Drop down here and you'll find a couple of dead marines with a rocket launcher. Turn around and the terminal is right against the beam.

343 GUILTY SPARK: As you ride the final lift out of the flood containment facility, you'll see this terminal on the doorway arch you just came out of. You'll have to activate the lift and jump down to it.

THE LIBRARY: This terminal is probably the easiest in the game to spot. On the 3rd floor, you'll reach a room with a large, round chasm. I saw this terminal clearly from across the room, but it seemed inaccessible at first. You'll need to crouch-jump (jump while running in crouch mode) over the barriers to your right when you enter the room.

TWO BETRAYALS: Ok, so maybe I lied about that last one. This one can clearly be seen from within the cutscene before the level even starts. Kill the sentinels and walk around to the other side of the control room platform where the terminal is glowing in plain sight.

KEYES: It's in the same room as before, but this time in the ditch to the side of the platform where Keyes is. It's red and glowing.

THE MAW: When you enter the cryo bay, climb up the ladder and go through the walkway into the cryo control room overlooking it. Kill the sentinels then activate the terminal located on the red display screen.

Now, if you've been paying attention through all these terminals, you'll have noticed that some Forerunner glyphs flash across the screen at the end of each one. That's no coincidence. In fact, those codes are the key to unlocking the 11th terminal. Yep, there's a secret one.

THRESHOLD: The first thing you need to do is make sure you've unlocked the previous 10 terminals. Now, you'll have to go into Waypoint from the main menu and then hit the X button. This should bring up a screen with a bunch of circles of colors that correspond to buttons on your controller. Enter the code from left to right and you'll be taken to an input screen of Forerunner symbols. From here, you'll have to enter the 10 codes shown at the end of the terminals, in order. I assume that you didn't write them down, so I've got a handy translation for you.

Using the above image for reference, enter the following 10 codes: 
  • 343GS
  • HALO4
Each successful input will award you with a "background" (I have no idea what this is for), 7000cR for Reach, and the terminal video accessible from Waypoint. When you put in the 10th, you'll also get an extra 37000cR and the 11th terminal video, which I believe is only accessible from here.

And that's it! Now you've got the complete story of Halo: Combat Evolved! Hope it helped.


  1. Just found Terminal 10, and you're right, I didn't write any of the symbols down. ;-) Thank you for this; it made getting Terminal 11 very easy.

  2. How did you get all of the letters, because as far as I can tell, the only letters or numbers you can translate are the actual ones used in the terminal codes.

  3. Well I didn't do it myself, so I have no idea how it was translated.