March 1, 2010

I can't write/Radiohead Video

Seriously, I can't believe I wrote this:

"I personally loved this Dragonball Z game. Out of all the Dragonball games ever created, Tenkaichi three had the largest rooster of playable characters. The combat was fast paced, DBZ authentic, and rewarding. It also offered a wide variety of unlockable content, which further increased the games already high replayability. Only the Wii version had online play, which unfortunately was often hindered by lag. Overall I personally consider Tenkaichi 3 the best Dragonball game to have ever been created."

Horrible...I'm so ashamed I don't think I'll write for a while

Instead as a tribute to music month, here is an awesome video of Radiohead. They're a great band if you haven't heard of them yet. Perhaps later on I'll do a review of them, when I don't suck.

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