February 28, 2010

Band of the Month: Machinae Supremacy

So the planned band of the month for February didn't work out too well. Here's the replacement. Remember that band Anamanaguchi that I mentioned a few weeks back? Remember how awesome they were? Well these guys are 10x more awesome. They are a self-defined SID Metal band from Sweden that kicks major ass. What is SID Metal, you ask? Machinae Supremacy uses a SID chip in their music. That's the sound chip from the old Commodore 64 video game system. You'd think with a name like Machinae Supremacy they'd be some sort of really heavy screamo band. But no, these guys sing about, cover, and have even contributed to video games. The best way to describe their sound is F-Zero. Like I said, awesome.

First, you can click here for more info about the band. Next, you can listen to these samples of their awesome, one from each of their studio albums:

"Player One" on Deus ex Machinae

"Through the Looking Glass" on Redeemer

"Dark City" on Overworld

And if you like what you hear, they have a ton of free music for download on their website.

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